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Adult gaming company Nutaku releases silicone gaming console

Every now and then, something is invented that is so ridiculous, it’s genius—like this gaming console that is shaped like a literal boob. Targeted towards the male-centric, adult-game-loving crowd, it’s hard not to imagine the throngs of men going crazy over these, and at US$169, we think it’s the perfect cash cow.

Credit – Nutaku

Developed by famous Japanese adult game developer Nutaku, the console is created out of silicone for a truly authentic feel. Needless to say, pressing the nipple would turn it on.

The boob contains more than 200 free-to-play adult games in its mammary, with some premium ones you’d need to pay a bit more for. Operating on Windows, it also has two USB ports, one HDMI port, an audio jack and a wireless internet connection to serve your every need.

Credit – Nutaku

Nutaku has certainly thought of a brilliant way to keep abreast with its consumers’ desires, and it’s fans can only hope that this doesn’t turn out to be a one-tit wonder.

If you’re lusting to get your hands on a boob, visit Nutaku’s online shop here. At the moment, the site says it’s out of stock, which we find hardly unsurprising—but Nutaku is restocking soon, so stay tuned.

Price: US$169

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