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| On 6 months ago

A detailed day in the life of a Singaporean prisoner — new site bares all

For most of us, when we think of prison, our only idea as to what it may look like comes mainly from Western movies and pop culture—think Prison Break or Orange Is The New Black. It’s fair to say that no one really knows what or how our prison cells look or feel like unless we have personally paid a visit or been imprisoned ourselves.

There simply is not enough information about the infamous institution in Changi to go around for us to really have a clear picture of what life is like behind bars in Singapore.

Credit – prisonlife.sg

Lo and behold, a new website has emerged on the internet which aims to dispel this ignorance and shed some light for members of the public.

The website, which looks to be fairly new, is called prisonlife.sg and contains very detailed information such as how the interior of a prison cell looks like, what the procedure is like when you first get sentenced and even the different activities that you can do while in prison.

Credit – prisonlife.sg

It comes in three different translations—Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. At the moment, however, the website is only available to be read in English. Now, Singaporeans can find out in detail how things operate behind bars without having to deal with the intimidation of visiting the prison themselves.

Kudos to the creators. What a time to be alive—the internet truly is a treasure trove of information.

Visit the website here.

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