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Thowback to the 19th Century With a Tintype Portrait at Hip Xiong Studios Singapore

When one thinks of the 19th Century, images of gentlemen with bushy moustaches and top hats as well as sophisticated women in tight corsets and elaborate dresses come to mind. This was the time of industrialisation, when humanity first discovered the power of steam. Photography was in its infancy, with the first ever photographic image being taken using a small, self-made camera in 1826.

During this period, photographs were usually taken on thin metal sheets via a process called tintype photography. At the time, it would take 10 to 15 minutes for each photograph to be completed.

As photograph technology became more advanced over the years, this style quickly lost its relevance but is today gaining back in popularity as a fine art form for its rustic value and incredibly detailed shots.

Credit – Hip Xiong Photo Studio

If this has got your interest tingling, you’re in luck because this is exactly the type of photography Hip Xiong Photo Studio in Singapore is bringing back. Situated in Geylang, the studio offers a tintype photography service that makes subjects look like they were taken in the 19th Century itself.

Credit – Hip Xiong Photo Studio

The black and white portraits look wonderfully crisp, detailed, and stylish, and it’s the perfect opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime photograph taken of yourself. The studio offers one-hour sessions to take individual portraits for S$200, couple portraits for S$300 and group portraits for S$400.

Credit – Hip Xiong Photo Studio

Price: S$200 for individuals, S$300 for couples, and S$400 for group portraits.

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