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Hate WFH? Use ASMR To Feel Like You’re Right Back in the Office — From Home

Working at home definitely has its perks, but it also comes with its fair share of cons. Staying home all day to work can be dull and monotonous to some, in turn dampening the mind and making us less productive. Some of us can’t function without leaving the house, because home is a place we restrict to relaxing and winding down.

It’s hard to focus when we’re surrounded by comfort items like our bed and our favourite entertainment gadgets. Are you having problems being productive while working from home? Or perhaps, simply miss being in the office?

Well, if you are, there’s actually a website that can help you feel like you’re right back in the office without having to leave your home. German-based creative agency Kids have come up with an ASMR website that mimics all the sounds and atmosphere of a real office—you can find printer sounds, mouse clicking sounds, keyboard typing, and even control the amount of colleagues you want around you for an added atmosphere.

Credit – Kids Creative Agency

On top of that, there’s also another website with a Spotify account called The Sound Of Colleagues that serve this same function very well. Their Spotify playlist include tracks such as “Corporate Office In The Middle Of A City” and “Rainy Day Inside The Calm Office” that will transport you right back into a busy corporate setting while you sit comfortably at your home desk. For an added element of fun, you can even take a trip back into the yesteryears of corporate life with “90s Office With Landlines Ringing” and “Cocktails And Typewriters Anno 1960s”.

Credit – The Sound Of Colleagues

Credit – Spotify

With that, we hope that these can help revitalise your mind and improve your work from home experiences. Hang in there!

Check out the website by Kids Creative Agency here and the website for The Sound Of Colleagues here.

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