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Old video showing sexual intent towards NOC girls by boss emerges on Reddit—NOC responds

When news of Dee Kosh’s highly-inappropriate behaviour towards underaged minors surfaced online, it shook the Internet to its core. Unsurprisingly, this was not the first time a scandal involving an influencer has gone viral.

Naturally, it prompted many questions—is Dee Kosh the only one? Were there more instances of this waiting to be discovered? How far does the sexual harassment go? How much do we really know about what goes on behind the YouTube scene?

Prior to the allegations brought upon by him, Dee Kosh had worked hand-in-hand on a freelance basis with famous YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics in many of their videos—including hosting a few episodes of the famed Food King series.

On Thursday (August 20), Night Owl Cinematics made a statement on their Instagram account, stating that they have since relieved Dee Kosh of his professional duties with them and extended their well-wishes to all who stepped forward to expose him. That being said, Night Owl Cinematics themselves cannot be excused from such questionable behaviour.

The whole saga has put the entire cyber atmosphere under a scrutinising microscopic lens, and it is out of this mood that an old video, uploaded by well-known local YouTuber JianHao Tan in 2017, has resurfaced on Reddit.

The video, titled Smash Or Pass, featured Night Owl Cinematics bosses Ryan and Sylvia, Dee Kosh, and Jian Hao going through a list of local celebrities while picking out which one of them they would straight up have sex with.

Some of the named celebrities were employees of Night Owl Cinematics, while others work in the same industry and/or environment.

These people included NOC talent Aurelia, Jazliyana, Aylna and Michelle Tan, while other influencers mentioned were Naomi Neo, Munah, Debbie, Nicole Choo and the list goes on. Here’s what was said about them.


Credit – YouTube

“Smash. I’ll smash. When her hair is side parting, she’s a 10. But when the wind blows and it becomes a centre parting, she’s a 5.”


“But while you are smashing her, you can adjust her hair right?”

Jian Hao


Credit – YouTube

“I will smash her.”


Michelle Tan

Credit – YouTube

“I will smash the f*ck out of her. Sex bomb or whatever sh*t. The sexual vibes is just shooting in all directions.”



Credit – YouTube

“Oh my god yes! Smash! I would smash this laptop right now!”

Dee Kosh


Credit – YouTube

“Smaaaash. Smash, HARD.”


“This one is super smash, bros.”

Dee Kosh

Joshua Simon

Credit – YouTube

“I would smash him. He looks like he would be fun in bed.”


Does sexual harassment only occur when there is action? Or is the explicit statement of intent, such as in this video, enough?

In light of recent events, NOC has come forward to address the contents of this video by releasing a statement on an Instagram story.

Credit – Instagram

Essentially, they acknowledged that what they said were wrong and such behaviours shown were grossly inappropriate.

Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down on Jian Hao’s channel, but can still be viewed here.

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