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Spotify Saturdays with Adrian Ang, SGAG’s Xiao Ming

If you haven’t already caught our recent interview with one of Singapore’s most iconic faces of comedy, check it out to get to know SGAG’s Xiao Ming on a deeper level and find out what makes him tick. Whether you love him for his hilarious antics or his infectious sense of humour, there’s no denying that the iconic man in shades has brought us cheer and laughter in a time as dreary as ever.

Credit – Xiao Ming

Catch him in all his comedic glory on SGAG’s YouTube channel, Nubbad TV, and watch as he laments inconsiderate boomers during CB, interviews the well-loved Baey Yam Keng, and get a glimpse of his life as an alleged meme boss.

Credit – Xiao Ming

This week, we chat with Adrian on the 5 songs that make up his life.

Tell us your name, and how you’d describe yourself to someone whom you’re meeting for the first time. 

Xiao Ming. The guy in shades from SGAG who has an endless supply of lame jokes

What are the five tracks of your life? 

1. 简单爱 – Jay Chou
2. Yeah! – Usher
3. Numb – Linkin Park
4. River Flows In You – Yiruma
5. Unmanly Men – Benjamin Kheng & Andrew Marko

Credit - Jay Chou
Credit - Usher
Credit - Linkin Park
Credit - Yiruma
Credit - The Benzi Project

Why would you consider this playlist to be significant to you?

As you can see from the playlist, it has songs of very diverse genre from very different era to really reflect the different phases in my life growing up.

简单爱 by Jay Chou really encapsulates the simplicity of life and love was like back then when I was still in school while Yeah! by Usher was really the favourite tune of my more “rabak” clubbing era during college and NS days.

Like many others, Numb by Linkin Park is probably that one song that we scream to get through our angsty phase while growing up. On the contrary, the famous piano piece River Flows In You by Yiruma is something that I listen to at the end of a chaotic work day while I’m driving back home just to relax my mind.

Lastly, I absolutely love the hilarious lyrics and performances of Benjamin Kheng and Andrew Marko in their little musical called Unmanly Men and it is my go-to song whenever I need a little perk-me-up.

Pick one track and tell me your fondest/most interesting memory of it.

If I had to pick one track, it has to be Numb by Linkin Park for sure. During those angsty and emo days where I was a very unhappy and dissatisfied teenager, I remember closing the door as well as all the windows and curtains in my room, having Numb on full blast and really just screaming my lungs out to let off some steam ’cause the lyrics really encapsulates how I felt at that point in time.

If I had asked you this question 10 years ago, what is the one track that your then-self would have picked as your favourite? 

I remember Billionaire by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars was a big hit back in 2010 ’cause of its catchy tune and cheeky lyrics about the crazy things that one could do if they strike it rich. Being a wide-eyed young adult stepping into adulthood and the real world back then, this song was definitely my favourite as I imagined this crazy rich and famous life that I would probably never get to live. *laughs*

Xiao Ming aka Adrian Ang | Listen To His Playlist Here | Instagram

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