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Keep your national flag by 30 Sept or be fined up to S$1000

In light of National Day and a show of support for the nation during the dark days of the COVID-19…

8 months ago

RANKED: 8 most homophobic comments on W Hotel Singapore FB post

It's the year 2020. We're in the middle of a pandemic, recessions are on the rise, unemployment is at worrying…

8 months ago

Parti Liyani vs AGC Singapore: Here’s what the police did wrong according to Justice Chan

The case of Parti Liyani vs the Liew family has gripped the consciousness of Singaporeans this past week. Many people…

8 months ago

Parti Liyani vs Liew Mun Leong: Of witch hunts, classism, & injustice

The allegations In March of 2019, a 46-year-old Indonesian maid by the name of Parti Liyani was arrested and charged…

8 months ago

Dee Kosh Sexual Grooming Scandal — Friends & Talent Respond

It's been almost a week since the Instagram user @_epaul shared a (since-deleted) Instagram post about Dee Kosh's alleged inappropriate…

9 months ago

Old video showing sexual intent towards NOC girls by boss emerges on Reddit—NOC responds

When news of Dee Kosh’s highly-inappropriate behaviour towards underaged minors surfaced online, it shook the Internet to its core. Unsurprisingly,…

9 months ago

Local Band Oakë Creates A New National Day Theme Song That Will Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart

When it comes to National Day-themed songs, nostalgic and uplifting undertones, as well as lyrics that conjure up images of…

9 months ago

Pritam Singh Appointed as Leader of Opposition — His Duties & Parliamentary Privileges Unpacked

When The Workers' Party—commonly thought of as the strongest opposition party in modern day Singapore—made history through their Seng Kang…

10 months ago

Ranked: Kaki Bukit NDP Ceremony — Will the real Aljunied MP please stand up?

In line with National Day celebration and to comply with the safe distancing measures, Kaki Bukit Community Centre is organising…

10 months ago

GE2020: Singapore IS ready for a minority PM — What else are we waiting for?

As we deal with our post-GE hangover and soothe ourselves with funny politician Telegram stickers, lest we forget, the work…

10 months ago

Reform Party Charles Yeo Lost the Elections but Won Our Hearts

GE2020 might be long over, but the heat doesn't seem to subside. The notable speeches, politician antics, creative memes, and…

10 months ago

Op-Ed: Reflections of a First Time Voter

The low hum of my alarm goes off—actually it’s more of a jarring scream, but okay. 10th July, 10.30 am.…

10 months ago

GE2020: Singapore General Elections 2020 Results

Holding a general election amidst a global pandemic has been challenging enough as it is, and GE2020 has not been…

10 months ago

GE2020: Crisis Management Comparison Ivan Lim Vs. Raeesah Khan

An Internet election has taught me the power of social media and our dual role as citizens and netizens today.…

10 months ago

GE2020: Check Queue Status At Your Polling Station Here

Although today is Polling Day for General Elections 2020, we must remember that we're still in the midst of a…

10 months ago

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