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| On 11 months ago

RANKED: 8 most homophobic comments on W Hotel Singapore FB post

By Zat

It’s the year 2020. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, recessions are on the rise, unemployment is at worrying levels, and all people want, is to get back to a sense of normalcy afforded by 2019. We love you 2019, and we’re sorry if we ever said 2019 was a shit year. We stand duly corrected.

2020 is also a watershed for being the year when the Opposition wins the most number of seats in Parliament, directors of Singapore-backed conglomerates got their sweet behind kicked by a humble (and innocent) domestic helper, people are more aware of racism happening in their own backyard, and, where I foolishly thought Singaporeans would be less of a homophobe given how progressive things seem to be looking.

And in some ways, there is hope yet for the future generation who are starting to be unburdened by their parents’ pitiful excuse at racism, bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia, masked under the cloak of conservative morals and values. Yet, there are still people who will look at an ad of two men sitting on a bed, smiling and enjoying their best life, with a string of balloons weighed down by a rubber ducky, and see themselves fit to make wildly homophobic comments as if it’s 1996.

The ad in question is by W Singapore Sentosa Cove featuring a user-generated photo taken by Andee and Hugo who has a YouTube channel to their name. I am here, of course, for the scalding piping tea and to see how far commenters will go to leave behind a little homophobic footprint of their own. Here are 8 of the best (or worst), most homophobic comments on W Singapore Facebook post.



ToXiC WeSt LiBeRaLiSm

Challenging IQ indeed, kind sir

The lazy gif

The rear gym entrance

377A: From the desk of We Are Against Pink Dot

Booties?: From the desk of We Are Against Pink Dot

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