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10 Non-Food Singapore Shops We Weren’t Expecting to See on Foodpanda

With stay-home arrangements now the norm, the demand for food delivery is on the rise. Despite being on the better end of the stick in a gloomy economy, food delivery apps are continuously upping their game and being increasingly innovative with their retail partnership.

Take a quick scroll within the Foodpanda app and you’ll be amazed by the plethora of interesting shops available for delivery that aren’t food-related. Here are 10 shops we weren’t expecting to see on the app that delivers to your doorstep. So if you are thinking of ordering more than just food, you are most definitely in the right place!

1. ZTP Herbal Tea Shop

Credit – Nestia

ZTP is my to-go herbal tea shop whenever I am feeling the onset of flu or in the midst of a coughing spell. It is also one of the largest health food retail chains in Singapore, well known for its assortment of dried seafood, Chinese herbs, and their bottled herbal beverages. With this addition as a partner retailer, we can order their cooling drinks, snacks, and even a bird’s nest to our homes.


There are many ways we can convey our love to our friends or family whom we are staying apart from. If diamonds didn’t exist, flowers would probably be a girl’s best friend.

Credit – Far East Flora

Now, you can order flowers on Foodpanda too. There is around a selection of 10 bouquets—either handheld or as a vase arrangement. However, they are mostly bouquets and are not customisable. So, if you are fastidious about the bouquet you are getting, going directly to a florist is a better option.

3. The Body Shop

Body Shop lovers, this section is for you. Whether in honour of fair trade, non-animal testing, or its inviting scent, there’s more than one reason to love this shop. On the Foodpanda app, you can purchase Body shop toiletries products, such as hair care, body care, skincare, as well as accessories.

Credit – The Body Shop

Now, we have no reason to be ungroomed, unkempt, and unclean after movement restrictions are lifted and we’re free to move around.

4. Momo + Bubs / Little Bearnie / Baby’s Boutique

Credit – momo + bubs and Little Bearnie

With a new addition to your household, one can’t even begin to fathom how busy life has become. While you are busy nursing your bubs at home, you can easily get your nursery essentials via the delivery application. They have items like cot sheets, teether, swaddle sets, and bandana bibs. New partner retailers like them eliminate the inconvenience of hitting the malls; instead, let Foodpanda get them for you.

Besides, this new service gives you less exposure to any viral transmission. You can now save time in telecommuting, stay home more, get more rest, and attend to what your children need.

5. Caltex StarMart

Staying at home has pulled a prank on some of our sleep schedules. Being an early sleeper, I often find myself being wide-awake in the wee hours of the morning. In times like this, supper is always a good solution.

Credit – Caltex Singapore

The round-the-clock service of Caltex provides a quick fix for that; you can find your ready-to-eat midnight supper snacks to satisfy your hunger. Besides that, you can also purchase household essentials like batteries and extension cords, and get it delivered to your homes.

Of course, the 24-hour service hinges on the availability of the delivery personnel at the time of purchase, so keep your expectations at bay to avoid becoming a disgruntled consumer.

6. Guardian

Grooming is equally important in a time like this. Now, Guardian, our favourite neighbourhood health and beauty store, has joined the panda party too.

Credit – Guardian Singapore

Apart from retailing beauty and health products within the delivery app, over-the-counter medicine is available as well. Some basic medications you can buy include panadol, flumicil, and even throat spray.

7. Fortune Supermarket

Though I am far from being a domestic goddess, grocery shopping has become a more frequent activity since Circuit Breaker. Admittedly, it is a challenge to carry the milk cartons while balancing the egg tray. That’s where shopping from the app comes in handy.

Although the variety of items available for delivery is slightly underwhelming, you can still find basic cooking essentials like noodles, salt, sugar, and some canned food. The most unexpected item is pet canned food, like chicken, tuna, and beef. Indeed, there is something for everybody, even your beloved fur pets.

8. Marks & Spencer

Missing your regular lazy weekend brunches or that classy high tea with a multi-tier of cakes and pastries? Let Foodpanda get your fix from Marks & Spencers’ signature biscuits and tea.

Credit – Marks and Spencer

Besides their iconic jam sandwich and Percy Pig gummies, groceries like the tacos and tortilla sheets are available too. If late morning snacks do not pique your interest, how about a can of pale ale or bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to accompany through those Netflix binging nights?

9. GNC

Whatever vitamins and supplements your heart desires, you name it, they have it. Since prevention is always better than cure, let’s build up our antibodies and ensure that our bodies are not deprived of any essential nutrients.

Credit – CapitaLand

GNC has a good array of vitamins for young children like chewable multivitamin gummies and for the fitness enthusiast, whey protein to keep your active regime going.

10. ToTT

ToTT is one-stop culinary heaven for anyone who cooks or bakes. They carry a wide selection of quality kitchenware from brands including Jamie Oliver, Cuisinart, and Magisso.

Credit – ToTT

To all the Circuit Breaker Domestic Goddesses and closet Gordon Ramsey-s, now is the time to ramp up your newfound passion for the kitchen by equipping yourself with good cooking wares. They say good tools make good workers, so don’t let your hardware hinder your talents.

The catalogue available on the app is amazing—I even found a chocolate fountain!

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