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| On 1 year ago

Toy Hospital in Japan Gives Old Toys New Life — Before & After Pics Here

To some, soft toys are nothing more than adorable embellishment to the couch. For others, they are companions, each called by name, and even regarded as members of the family.

Sadly, these toys age with time too—their seams weaken and stuffings flatten out. If it pains you to watch your old friend weather the test of time and wish that you could do something to restore it to its former glory, the good news is that you can.

Nuigurumi Hospital, otherwise known as the Plush Hospital in Japan, is open to “treat” all stuffed patients to steer them towards recovery.

The hospital aims to deliver three promises—quality, care, and celebration.

Since the hospital’s opening, the ‘medical team’ has undertaken nearly 6,000 cases. With this wealth of experience, rest assured that your doll will be in great hands and will have a speedy recovery.

Credit – Nuigurumi Hospital

Secondly, the medical team cares about the mental well-being of your toys. ‘Nurses’ are on duty for 24 hours a day to ensure your toys are well taken care of. Also, hospital visits are allowed but limited to one visitor per ‘patient’.

Credit – Nuigurumi Hospital

Lastly, once the treatment is over and your companion is well, the hospital can host a discharge party for it. Here’s to a giving your loved one a new lease of life!

Nuigurumi Hospital | Website | Twitter

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