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These Toys Best Describe Our Annoyance At COVID — Get Them Online Now

It is safe to say that 2020 is a bad year for many. Friends, it’s alright—we don’t need to smile even when we don’t feel like it. No one is going to blame you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and displaying a “resting b*tch face”—a cultural slang used to describe an emotionless face that unintentionally looks unkind and serious.

Credit – Life WareHouse

Even our toys should reflect the exasperation of their owners. A Malaysian online retailer, Life Warehouse, is selling “Life is Hard” chubby animal cushion. It comes in two animals—toucan and fox.

Credit – Life WareHouse

Unlike the usual friendly cuddly care bears we have in the market, these plushies are armed with a stoic face, which speaks of our current mood—restlessness and slight annoyance.

Credit – Life WareHouse

Besides being able to relate to these toys, you can place them near your snack corner to ward off any family members who come in the name of “stealing” or “sharing” your food while you are away. They can be fierce and effective guardians to your belongings.

Get them and ship them to your homes before it runs out at their site!

Price: RM104 (approx. S$34)

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