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| On 1 year ago

Sheng Siong Sneakers for You? Sneaker Marketplace Ox Street Has Conceptualised One and You Can Possibly Get It Made

Last week, pictures surfaced of a potential 7-11 Nike SB Dunk which would be limited to only 711 pairs. The team at Ox Street—our own Singapore-based marketplace to buy and sell authenticated sneakers—has very quickly revved up their creative game too and churned out a concept for a Sheng Siong pair. Ah, finally a Sheng Siong item I’d love to own.

Credit – Ox Street

“Long before the current worldwide situation made supermarkets the panic buying gladiatorial arenas they’ve become, the supermarket was already a cornerstone of modern human existence,” said Ox Street.

Like a long-held institution that saw seas of people move in and out almost like the pulse of life itself, the supermarket was often an indicator to Ox Street of larger trends in the zeitgeist of day to day life.

Now that the initially much-hyped about global release of the 7 Eleven Nike SB 7-11 Dunks are now allegedly aborted, Ox Street to jump in and create a custom sneaker concept that pays tribute to the Singaporean Heartlands. Especially looking at Ox Street’s positioning in Asia—with their base in Singapore, it seems only fitting.

Credit – Ox Street

So, if like me, you’re itching to dress your feet with these Nike SBs doused in Sheng Siong’s colour ways, the good news is that there’s hope. There is no affirmative word yet on whether they will actually get made, but with enough interest Ox Street has hinted they will make it happen.

If you’re keenly hoping to get your very own Sheng Siong Nike SBs, simply drop a comment on this Instagram post to let them know!

Ox Street Labs custom ‘Sheng Siong’ Nike SB Dunk Low | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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