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| On 1 year ago

Cute, Punny Gov.sg Food Stickers Now Available on WhatsApp and Telegram

Anyone who is following the Gov.sg telegram channel for daily COVID-19 updates would probably have noticed the release of some stickers inspired by what Singaporeans love best—local cuisine. The sticker pack features a collection of adorable—or should I say, in-kueh-dible—illustrations accompanied by relatable catch phrases.

Credit – Gov.sg

Presenting a Gov.sg sticker pack entitled “It’s A Wonderfood Life”—perfect for using in any response, especially when you want to let Jenny know to stop spreading fake news (take a hint, Jenny).

In this sticker pack, you’ll find a cheeky chilli-doused crab that sarcastically taunts, “Come, I crab for you”, and an angsty Ang Ku Kueh that laments in bouts of anger. Let’s be real, we’ve all been that ‘Argh Ku Kueh’ a little more than once during this CB period.

You may also recognise the impatient ‘Chop Chop’ Curry Puff that has important duties and no time to waste—just the sticker you can send to your colleagues who can’t take a hint when you’ve already wait 10 minutes too long for lunch.

Credit – Gov.sg

You can download the playful sticker pack on Telegram and WhatsApp now.

Credit – Gov.sg

As we are now spending more time texting our friends and loved ones rather than having physical interactions with them, here’s hoping that these cute stickers will cheer us all up, and spice up our much-needed conversations.

If you enjoy more food-related humour, check out the CB Foodies series created by illustrator Joshua Chiang, when the previous Virus Vanguard superheroes were less than successful.

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