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CB Foodies: Professional Illustrator Creates Adorable Comics in Response to Failed Virus Vanguard

Last week, introduced fictional superhero quintet—the Virus Vanguard—featuring characters meant to embody the traits of the model Circuit Breaker citizen. But after the comic failed to take off, or rather, drew attention for the wrong reasons, the government-based site promptly took down the page, citing that it was under review.

Amidst criticisms, the founder of Band of Doodlers—the illustration company behind the artwork—has announced that he will step down from his position, taking responsibility for the misstep.

Credit – Joshua Chiang

While the outcome proved unfortunate for the Band of Doodlers, other illustrators took it upon themselves to conjure alternatives to the short-lived Virus Vanguard. Enter Joshua Chiang of CerealBox Studios, an illustrator for close to 20 years now, who created the more light-hearted, relatable “CB Foodies” series. In a post, Chiang openly addressed, stating that the previous series “flopped” because “every true-blue comic book fan knows superheroes are useless in a pandemic” while citing existing virus-based series like DCeased and Marvel Zombies.

Credit – Joshua Chiang

Chiang also mentioned that the best way to connect with Singaporeans was none other than what we love most—food. “You know what we do the most during this Cb?” questioned Chiang. “we EAT. Food unites us and fattens our curves.” Hear hear, Joshua Chiang, you speak nothing but the truth.

Credit – Joshua Chiang

Chiang’s CB Foodies series features Stay-Home Ham Jim Bang, Hand-washing Har Gow, POFMA Papadum, Mask-up Milo Dinosaur, and Safe-distancing Satay—carefully including and celebrating a dish from Singapore’s vast cuisine landscape. “I did this in 20 minutes,” wrote Chiang. “And you didn’t even have to pay me! Because I’m paid in…. exposure!”

Credit – Joshua Chiang

For those who are fans of the new and improved CB-themed comics, you may purchase them in the form of playful T-shirts here. Safe-distancing Satay, however, will not be available due to allegations of plagiarism from Adam Faisal of Gobblegobblesg, which has now been withdrawn. Instead, Chiang has added three new members, Sian-by-half Siew Mai, Panic Buying Png Kueh, and Siasuay Soon Kueh.

What are your thoughts on Cb Foodies and the Virus Vanguard? Do you prefer one over the other and why?

Price: From S$29.90

CB Foodies by Joshua Chiang | Facebook | Shop Here | CerealBox Studios

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