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Support Your Favourite Food Businesses With Instagram’s “Order Food” Stickers — Available Now

Have you ever glanced past an IG story from of one of your favourite food stores and told yourself you’d order it later—but completely forgot? Well, I know I have. Lucky for us all, Instagram’s come up with the perfect solution for that.

Credit – Instagram

On Monday 27 April 2020, the widely used social media platform launched new tools to support local businesses in reaching out to their customers. Now, food businesses can share “Order Food” stickers on their IG stories and even add an action button to their profiles. The action button on their profiles is activated when the business adds its delivery partner link in the settings.

When a user taps on the “Order Food” function or the action button, they’ll conveniently be redirected to complete their purchase on either Grab, FoodPanda or Deliveroo. They can also re-share the stories’ stickers on their own stories to encourage their followers to support the business as well.

Credit – Instagram

Facebook understands how integral small businesses are to local communities and wants to be able to play a role in easing their struggles in these troubling times. They hope that these new tools will empower food businesses to stay resilient and connect with their customers better as every sale plays a role in making a big difference.

So what are you waiting for? Make full use of the brand-new sticker and spread the word so you can continue to support your favourite food businesses and keep them afloat amidst all the calamity.

Instagram Order Food Stickers & Action Button | Website

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