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Baby Face Shields Are the Cuteness We Need in the Time Of COVID-19

Though COVID-19 has put the world on pause, life goes on and mothers continue to give birth. With coronavirus patients unknowingly roaming the streets and flocking hospitals daily, newborns catching the coronavirus is a growing concern. But it is precisely this worry that has led to the implementation of baby masks that aren’t just protective but oh-so-adorable.

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The plastic face shields that make our little friends look like tiny soldiers ready to fight the world were designed to protect them from contamination by preventing droplets with the virus from reaching their faces. This is because experts believe children are more likely to be asymptotic carriers and could be inadvertently spreading the virus.

The mini-visors are the perfect way to help these little ones take on the world guarded against any evil germs that could be lingering around in this toxic pandemic environment.

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As endearing as the tiny masks are, they’re only meant to protect infants through their journey home from the hospital. Newborns shouldn’t keep them on for too long as it’s unhygienic—regardless of how cute the kid looks in it.

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Nonetheless, their adorable faces underneath these masks give parents peace of mind that their child is safe and can enter the world unharmed despite being born in such unsettling times. Perhaps other countries may start doing the same for newborns and we can enjoy some cuteness and joy in this world amid the mass hysteria.

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