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Circuit Breaker Things: Can I Go? Tongue-In-Cheek Webpage Clarifies Your Circuit Breaker Doubts

The first week of Circuit Breakers is barely over, and some of us are already counting down the minutes to 4th May—when we can finally bust out of our homes, prance about our neighbourhoods, and relish the freedom that we once took too much for granted. But until then, we have to be extremely disciplined about adhering to the measures set in place, lest the partial lockdown period gets extended if we do not see an improvement of the COVID-19 situation due to negligent Singaporeans.

I hope that everyone has been socially responsible, playing their part, and staying at home unless absolutely necessary. Even after many rounds of clarification from the multi-ministry task force, confusion has still been thick in the air, and many are left wondering about the ‘can’s and ‘cannot’s of the Circuit Breaker measures. Fret not, for this webpage, Can I Go?, has been specially designed to tend to these very questions about where we’re permitted to travel to, at least until 4th May.

because bubble tea is an essential good…right?

You can select from a drop down list of over 50 locations or activities you’d like to enquire about, and receive answers playfully phrased in Singlish—almost like a tongue-in-cheek FAQ page, if you will. The Can I Go? page covers almost everywhere you can think of—TCM, Daiso, getting bubble tea, donating blood, going out to pak tor (date in Hokkien), and even oddly specific eateries like Umi Sushi.

And if you don’t see an activity or location that you’re wondering so fervently about, you can always contribute to the ever-growing useful list here. Just remember to add constructive content to the activity bank—after all, it’s managed by a helpful group of Singaporeans who just want to make things a little easier for us all in these trying times.

If you take a closer look, you’ll also realise that responses are colour-coded according to the severity of its ban—with places where you “confirm plus chop cannot go” in screaming red, and places that are safe to visit in green. The places that fall under the more ambiguous zones, however, are in orange, so be sure to abide strictly to the conditions under which they are prohibited. This includes all supermarkets and malls, where shoppers have to don masks, or be denied entry with effect from today, 12 April 2020.

With that, I’ll leave you to it. Be sure to check the Can I Go? page before you leave the house so as to avoid disappointment, and remember to always practise safe distancing and good personal hygiene whenever you’re out and about. Stay strong, my friends. Just another 3 weeks to go.

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