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Reebok Unveils Conceptual Fitness Masks — Is This The Future Of Outdoor Fitness?

COVID-19 is simply a bane to everyone’s lives, more so for the fitness enthusiasts. Yes, outdoor activities are permitted, but bringing a mask along and wearing them right after an oxygen-hungry workout is a very suffocating thing to do.

Though fitness masks are readily available in the market, they are often used to stimulate low oxygen levels to improve runners’ cardiorespiratory fitness and prepare them for races in high altitude regions.

In response to a changing world, Reebok, is working on fitness masks to address our current needs—to filter particles in the air and keep us safe without compromising our athletic performance.

Reebok’s innovation lab is currently in its preliminary stages of this product design. Here’s a glimpse of the three masks prototypes—the sensorial mask, immersion mask, and symbiosis mask.

Credit – Reebok

The sensorial mask is most suitable for all who see sports as a social activity. The clear screen at the mouth area allows users to express their emotions while wearing masks. Besides, the mask intended to be equipped with sensors to record the user’s heart rate and breathing rate, which are essential statistics for tracking progress and performance in sports.

Credit – Reebok

At first glance, the immersion mask looks slightly peculiar—a clear shield that covers the entire face with a hood and respirator. But, apart from its wide coverage and bizarre appearance, the functions are very useful. For example, you can adjust a myriad of conditions—temperature and oxygen level—within the mask.

Credit – Reebok

Lastly, we have the symbiosis mask that is very interesting; it is embedded with organic material—algae or moss—to purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Besides, the mask also filters dangerous particles like viruses, which is highly useful in our current circumstances.

With the rising pollution levels, many believe that these futuristic fitness masks are well-designed for the future even when our current crisis is over. Athletes and fitness enthusiast, are you ready to incorporate them into your outdoor training routine?

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