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Special Face Masks Help the Deaf Communicate With Ease Through COVID-19

We’ve all had our fair share of inconveniences as a result of COVID-19 but communication has become especially difficult for our friends in the deaf community. With that, the Thai government has unveiled special face masks specifically designed to enable easier interaction for our hearing-impaired friends.

Credit – MCOT

People who communicate using sign language read lips and facial movements to get the full message. However, with regular facemasks obscuring the lips, communication is limited and hindered. Hence, these special face masks were designed to overcome that issue as it comes with a small transparent window in the middle of the mask that is large enough to reveal the lip movements.

These masks are produced with the standard three-layered cloth which effectively keeps respiratory droplets from spreading. Therefore, it enables both deaf individuals and sign language interpreters to continue communicating with one another without putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus.

Credit – Spring News

The face masks will begin production later in the month and be distributed for free to sign language interpreters and poor deaf people. Additionally, there’ll be a supply of these masks available on sale. Members of the public are encouraged to donate materials for the production of these masks so that they will have enough resources to supply it to everyone who needs it.

Besides that, but they’re also launching an online tutorial on how to make these face masks for yourself. Perhaps you should give a go one once the video is out and gift it to anyone who needs it. With all the distress going around in the world, now’s the perfect time to do good and show your care for the people you love and the community around you.

Special Face Masks for the Hearing Impaired | Website

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