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Circuit Breaker Things: Make Your Own Paper Sneakers With BAPE

An overdose of boredom has turned a part of my waking moment to the world of e-commerce but my conscious mind tells me that this is an unsustainable route. Thankfully, A Bathing APE (BAPE) is here to save me from some monotony and of course, to entertain their loyal sneakerhead fans with a BAPESTA kit to make their BAPESTA paper sneakers.

Turning paper cuts into 3-dimensional paper sneakers, this BAPESTA Kit is a digital guide to teach you. It looks simple yet fun so I decided to give it a shot.

1. First, print the BAPESTA Kit.

You can download the BAPESTA Kit, which consists of seven pages—the first three pages are introduction and instruction manual, while the last four pages contain actual cutout materials. So, remember to print them in a single-sided format!

2. Next, cut out the motifs.

The cutouts consist of different shoe parts like the shoe upper, laces, tongue, and sole. Interestingly, BAPE even went down into the detail of creating a shoe label.

Cutting the elements of the shoes took the bulk of the time required to complete the activity. I spent over an hour cutting the pieces out. It was a painstaking process and I felt my fingers cramping up towards the end. Perhaps this is the result of human urbanisation—too much typing and not enough activeness.

3. Lastly, fix the parts into sneakers.

Though there are only eight steps that seem rather manageable, it required a lot of organisation due to the many parts. My table was strewn with bits and scraps. Hence, I highly recommend you print extra copies as I lost some paper cutouts along the way.

Get ready your glue to fix the paper cuts together. This step requires nimble fingers; especially step 6 where you are required to “thread” the laces in an alternate fashion between the top and bottom of the uppers.

After close to three hours of wrestling with the paper, I retract my initial thoughts about this activity. It’s challenging as it tests not only my finger mobility but patience too.

Nonetheless, it’s an excellent activity to bond with your loved ones. If art-and-craft work sparks joy in you, then this is worth a shot. For the less artistic people like myself, it brings back the good old days of the art lessons in school!

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