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COVID-19: Singapore’s Third Nationwide Mask Distribution Underway — Available End May 2020

Listen up, all Singapore Residents! You can collect a new type of reusable cloth mask at the end of May 2020.

Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing announced on 6 May 2020 that the government is commencing a third round of masks distribution. The improved mask—which you will receive—is proudly developed by Singapore’s very own Institute of Materials Research and Engineering at A*Star.

Credit – A*Star

Unlike the disposable and reusable masks dispensed earlier, this mask is equipped with new filtration capabilities. With the new function to filter external bacteria from the user, it can better protect the wider community from the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Besides, with optimal breathability and filtration features, this enhanced version allows wearers to breathe better and provide comfort to wear it throughout the day. While the new function gives the user added security and assurance, we should also note that no mask is 100% foolproof. So, social distancing measures should still be observed.

Credit – Ministry of Trade and Industry

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, we should adopt a gentle washing method. The masks can be washed up to 30 times to maintain its usability and integrity.

As Singaporeans, I know we’re usually pretty excited when it comes to freebies and masks so here’s where to go. There are three locations we can collect the masks; Community Centres, Residents’ Committee Centres, or from vending machines. More details on the mask collection will be released towards the end of May 2020.

Credit – MediaCorp

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