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Extended CB Wellness: #SupportLocal With These 6 Singaporean Mask Makers

The novel coronavirus has turned our world upside down. It has forced us to stay home, disrupting every single way we would typically go about our days. With the lack of information we initially had about COVID-19, we went from ‘only wear a mask if you’re sick’, to rationing our masks, to ‘wear a mask whenever you leave your place of residence if not you’ll be fined S$300’ in about two months.

I am thankful for the government’s swift response to this everchanging pandemic. Still, I’m sure everyone is starting to feel a bit of whiplash from the rapid developments of COVID-19. Of course, with a change in lifestyle, many consumer industries have taken a hit. Aviation, fitness, entertainment, food, retail, and tuition centres, which, up till COVID-19, has been flourishing with no end in sight.

With COVID-19, as consumers, businesses need us more than ever and we should #SupportLocal if we have the ability to. From ordering takeaway from hawker stalls to buying from small local business, there are many ways to help each other tide through these trying times. #SGUNITED am I right?

In a bid to support local in my own way, I bring you six local businesses that produce face masks, an essential that we all need. How insane is it that we now live in a reality that face masks are now our passport for the outdoors?

1. Makerly SG

Makerly SG specialises in Batik wear and is known for its perfect amalgamation of traditional Batik with modern silhouettes. Birthed from the curiosity of making clothes and love for Batik, founder, Ruth, has managed to capture her customer’s hearts with her Ribbon Tie-Back tops and her The Singapore Series fabric. In essence, she takes the iconic SIA Sarong Kebaya material and creates modern and fashionable tops for everyday wear.

Makerly’s masks are not only visually appealing but are also handmade from upcycled fabric offcuts. Makerly offers two types of masks, the Fitted Reusable Batik Mask and the Bi-fold Reusable Batik Mask.

Both masks go for S$9 and are available on a pre-order basis. Ruth has also graciously provided two step-by-step guides on how to make a mask if you’d instead make one yourself.

Shop Bi-fold Reusable Batik Mask Here | Shop Fitted Reusable Batik Mask Here   

Makerly SG | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. OliveAnkara

OliveAnkara is founded and designed by Ifeoma, producing modern apparel with an Italian influence using African fabrics. Ifeoma is a Nigerian raised in Italy who moved to Singapore after she was offered a job in cancer research. Her brand was created to fill a void in the market—she could not find any African fabrics in Singapore when she wanted to make her wedding dress.

She eventually managed to get her hands on some fabrics from Nigeria and started making dresses for herself. The interest in the dresses she wore would then lead to her first overwhelmingly successful collection with OliveAnkara in June 2017.

The OliveAnkara masks are handmade and crafted from fabric cutoffs They are priced at S$19 a pop and come in 11 exciting designs. In the spirit of giving back, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to local charities that help migrants and Singaporeans in need.

Shop Face Mask Here  

OliveAnkara | Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. FIN Crafted Goods Co.

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Fahmy and Erliana created FIN Crafted Goods Co. to lessen landfill waste by mending the clothes that you love. Their sustainable journey is based around the Japanese value of mottainai, which means to waste nothing. On top of making lifestyle products such as aprons and coin cases, they also teach the art of boro, which is the ancient method of repairing garments to prolong its lifespan.

Masks made by FIN Crafted Goods Co. are handmade and go for S$20 a piece. But for S$30, you can purchase a mask for yourself and do good by sponsoring another piece to foreign worker dormitories that may be lacking in mask supplies.

You can order these masks by sending them a Direct Message on Instagram

FIN Crafted Goods Co. | Website | Facebook | Instagram


COCOONESE came into fruition in 2018, after founder Chloe Wang decided to turn an interest into passion by selling uniquely designed items made from handcrafted silkscreen printed fabrics. In addition to selling a trove of purses and handbags, Chloe also holds workshops coined Cocoon Maker Workshop, which she started in 2019.

If you’re one to prefer to shop in-store, you can find their products in Tangs department stores and at their retail shop along Orchard road after this pandemic ends.

COCOONESE’s reusable masks are priced from S$12.90 to S$14.90 and come in many colours and designs. These masks are made to order and will take up to five to seven working days to produce.

Shop Reusable Cloth Mask Cover here

COCOONESE | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. CYC

Established in 1935, CYC is a heritage tailor that specialises in menswear apparel. Other than tailoring services, CYC offers a plethora of ready to wear items such as Smart Polos and a bunch of different styled long-sleeved button-up shirts.

CYC’s reusable face masks are made out of Egyptian cotton fabrics and come with a washable, removable air filter. As these masks are made out of excess fabrics, those interested will not be able to choose the design of their masks. Given the high-quality material used to make these masks, I think the lack of design choice will make up for the comfort you get in its wearing.

Each mask goes for S$20 a piece and is also available in a pack of six for S$110. If you’re worried about sizes, CYC’s masks come in Kids, Teens and Adult sizes.

Shop Reusable Face Masks here 

CYC | Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Ans.Ein

Anseina and Erlyn founded Ans.Ein in 2017, a love child based on their shared interest in wanting to appreciate art in many different forms. The two mumpreneurs feature art made by adult artists to the paint strokes of children on their garment designs. They are also size-inclusive and versatile—some of their pieces can be worn in a multitude of ways.

In March 2020, Ans.Ein graciously made protective bodysuits for medical front liners in Indonesia after learning of the shortage in protective gear, resulting in Indonesian medical workers having to wear raincoats instead. Within two weeks, they were able to send 1424 coveralls to 50 clinics and hospitals in Indonesia.

Currently, the brand is looking to provide 2500 masks for everyday heroes who risk their lives during this pandemic. Their retail masks start at S$5 for plain designs and go up to S$12 for Abstract Art and Batik designs. These reusable masks are made to order and will begin shipping out on 30th April 2020. The masks are multi-layered and come with a medical-grade waterproof layer to ensure that no liquid can penetrate the mask.

Shop Reusable Mask here 

Ans.Ein | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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