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WILD RICE Brings You Monkey Goes West — Available from 8 to 14 May 2020

I’m sure you enjoyed getting your theatre fix from the production “Supervision” last week. Thanks to WILD RICE, you now get to enjoy “Monkey Goes West” for this week instead!

Credit – WILD RICE

Adapted from the familiar classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, the musical is a light-hearted comedy with localised dialogues peppered with Singaporean jokes. It’s as though the fantasy crew—Tang Xuan Zang, Sun Wukong, Sandy, and Pigsy—were teleported to Singapore and are making a trip to the west of our country. All in all, the local production is filled with Singaporean flavour and family-friendly activities suitable for all ages.

Credit – WILD RICE

Similar to their previous production, this is streaming from 8 May 2020 (7.30 pm) to 14 May 2020 on their YouTube channel with a live talkback session on 14 May 2020, 9 pm. So, to interested viewers—remember to tune in to watch the live telecast.

It was written by local playwright Aflian Sa’at, directed by Sebastian Tan and accompanied with music composed by Elaine Chan. Hence, you can expect to see aerobatic fights and traditional Chinese music infused with contemporary pop and rock. Also, the dynamic casts are sure to bring the characters to life.

Credit – WILD RICE

For anyone familiar with the characters, be prepared for a brand new look for this show as it features cross-cultural elements and cross-gender casting. For example, the same actress for the Chinese Goddess Guan Yin plays the down-to-earth disciple Sandy too—I wonder how that’s going to work.

One more show to add for my eyes to feast upon. That being said, we have only one more month to the end of Circuit Breaker.

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