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| On 1 year ago

Singapore IG account @all.ourviews Wants You To Look Outside Your Window & Reflect

With all this time at home, I would believe that now more than ever would you be an expert on your view outside your window or with the view that you face the most as you work from home. Do you find yourself staring wistfully into the distance sometimes, head full of thoughts, yearning to leave the house once more?

Or are you fascinated by the fact that your neighbours would water their plants and rearrange their shoe rack every day at the same time, donning their masks as they keep up with their chores? Perhaps you can relate to that neighbour that takes a smoke break by her window, watching her puff away at her cigarette, hoping that her angst from being at home is elevated with each inhale of tobacco she takes.

Now that we’re indoors, there are only so many things we can do to occupy our minds. I’m sure CB has filled our minds with never-ending thoughts, so why don’t find an outlet and share them with @all.ourviews on Instagram? All Our Views is an Instagram account that encourages users to share their thoughts and reflections that are evoked by their everyday views.

“Sharing stories of everyday Singaporean life from windows and balconies—vantage points of our island home” is what All Our Views aims to accomplish through Instagram.

What I love about this initiative is that it aims to bring light in such a challenging time, showing that we are not alone and are all in this together. DM to share your views and stories now.

All Our Views | Instagram

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