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GE2020: Rock Your Favourite Political Party Colour Without Looking Like A Boring Politician

Despite the absence of physical rallies, GE has never been this exciting. In this age of “internet elections”, the voting vibes have ironically been brought to our doorstep.

On 30 June 2020, we saw our party nominees taking centre stage in the spotlight and caught their one-minute of fame in their brief “thank you” speeches. An impertinent but apparent observation is the strong party allegiance from the symbolic colours of their attire.

Likewise, as compatriots, we can bring the election party up a notch by professing our faith to the party we love without conforming to their uniform fashion sense—predictable polo-tee and basic shirts? No way. With our deep devotion in place, come and have your pick at these suggested fashion attires that keep you on the safe side of style while proclaiming your undying devotion to a political party and exuberate your personality.

1. White – PAP

Let’s start with our ruling party, the People’s Action Party, and their iconic white top-to-toe outfit.

“The party uniform of white-on-white also signifies the purity and the incorruptibility of its members.”

Credit – Baey Yam Keng and Adidas

If you are sporty like Mr. Baey Yam Keng, you can consider a dry fit, sweat-wicking jersey to complement your active lifestyle. What a convenient choice; you can “wear” your support even as you go for a run or a light workout.

Credit – Josephine Teo and The Zoe Report

The final stretch of her term was a madhouse. To celebrate the end of Miss Teo’s stint as the Manpower Minister, you can consider throwing on a white jumpsuit. The outfit is edgy and detailed with utility-zip. Besides, it can be paired with simple accessories to give it a classy appearance. On a side note, doesn’t this fashion style give a rugged, slightly masculine, yet sleek look?

Also, check out these full white outfits tailor-made for PAP male candidates and apropos for warm and humid times like this.

2. Light Blue – Workers’ Party

The blue team has been growing with many competent budding candidates introduced during this election. As Miss Sylvia Lim said in her GE2015 speech:
“The white clouds can be blown here and blown there, they can change their shape, they can turn grey or even black. But the blue sky will always be there.”

White versus blue—you get the drift.

Currently, this is what the entourage of Workers’ Party candidates and their campaign volunteers look like.

Credit – The Workers’ Party

With the revamped leadership under Mr. Pritam Singh, this is what the WP and their supporters could potentially look like.

3. Red and White – Progress Singapore Party

The party polo tees and colours bear an uncanny resemblance to the apparels we buy as National Day draws near—at least for me. However, you can avoid looking less of a cliche and more trendy with these outfits.

Credit – Allysandra, dUCk scarves, Alyson Haley

Credit – Progress Singapore Party and ASOS

Otherwise, forming a sea of red with Arsenal jerseys works too. (Sorry Man United fans.)

Credit – Progress Singapore Party and Arsenal F.C.

4. Yellow – Reform Party

Credit – Reform Party

It’s hard to miss the Reform Party—their logo is a 12-ray sun and yellow is the party’s colour.

Credit – ASOS

Though it’s a less conventional shade, there are a few creative ways you can support their cause by swagging in their recognisable yellow on your nails or on your collar!

Credit – The Zoe Report

Credit – SprezzaBox and The Perfect Palette

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