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| On 11 months ago

GE2020: Tan Cheng Bock Is THE HypeBeast Influencer On Instagram To Look Out For This GE

If you haven’t heard the next trending influencer in the political realm, this person needs no further introduction—Dr. Tan Cheng Bock. He might be 80-year “young” but don’t be fooled by the arithmetic. He navigates through social media seamlessly and connects most sincerely.

Watch one video and I assure you, you will watch the rest. He is THE HypeBeast Ah Gong of Singapore.

1. He teaches the younger folks what “HypeBeast” is

Tables have turned, he teaches a younger party comrade what the trending slang means in dialect and what is the right way of saying it. This video is gold.

2. He thanked his HypeBeast friends who taught him a new  word — Woke

“All are you are HypeBeasts like me right? My online friend, @pardonmyfrxnch, now they have taught me a new word—woke. And I know now what woke means. It means I was retired but now, I am woke.”

3. He vlogs decently well

“Hello, I’m with Anthea here [Anthea says hello] and we are about to do a recording. It is a political broadcast recording and it will only take me a couple of minutes. Thank you, bye!”

4. He has a great sense of humour

“Doc, what is one thing that people don’t know about you?

Dr Tan: They don’t know that I am wearing a pair of glasses without lenses. Look!”

5. He makes sure he gets key influencer terms right

“Jenny (younger friend): I am HypeBeast.

Dr Tan: I am HypeBeast. Beast. [looking surprised] I am HypeBeast. Oh, terrible. [cackles]”

6. He updates his whereabouts to his followers

“Hi, hello, good morning everyone. I am getting ready to go to the nomination centre at Clementi. I will have my breakfast first before I go. I see y’all there. Thank you!”

7. He is happy to give a room tour

“See my workspace, good night. Look at my computer screen, we are in a tech business.”

8. He spreads good vibes to his HypeBeast friends

Like some pop culture idols who motivate their fans to study hard, we have Dr. Tan who encourages his HypeBeast friends to express their love for the nation. Check this good stuff out below.

“Hello my fellow HypeBeasts friends, there are so many messages and I haven’t had the time to reply to y’all.

Thank you! I want all of you to do something for me. Please video yourself and tell me why you love Singapore and my men will send you the link and I will see that.”

9. He sings and plays the Ukulele (encore, Dr. Tan!)

The 6-minute IGTV gives you a sneak peek of his house tour, his passion for serving people, and most importantly his candour and sincerity in engaging with people. Check out a mini snippet of his music performance “Count on Me, Singapore” at the 3rd-minute mark.

“Host: Are you HypeBeast?
Dr. Tan: Yes, I am HYPEBEAST. I must be the oldest HypeBeast ah kong in Singapore.”

10. He is not shy to admit the way he types

“Yar, I type with one finger ok. It may be slow but accurate.”

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