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Download Free Studio Ghibli Wallpapers For Your Zoom Meetings Here

Working from home has got to be the best thing ever but virtual meetings can be a little bit of a headache especially if you are like me—stuck with a cluttered snack rack or an old family photo mounted on the wall as my backdrop.

Virtual backgrounds are a quick fix to cover up the mess. And you know what’s even better than a virtual background? Why, a Studio Ghibli virtual background, of course.


Our beloved Studio Ghibli has compiled popular scenes from its films, made them into wallpapers, and has graciously made them available on its website for free right now.


From the 26 background options, you can choose the giant cuddly Totoro to accompany you for your Zoom meeting or enter the magical world of Howl’s moving castle for an adventure. Like their renowned animated films, you can count on Studio Ghibli to teleport you into a realm of fantasy and endless imagination.


Apart from the film scenes, two interesting wallpapers are amongst the collection—the rooftop of Studio Ghibli and Toshio Suzuki’s office, the very room where the magic is created.

Head on to the website and download them now.

Studio Ghibli | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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