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Suit Up In Your PJs For Your Zoom Meetings — Available On Kickstarter Now

Yes, we might be working from home but that doesn’t mean we take work less seriously. Many of us are in fact working harder , from morning to night. However, when Zoom meetings beckon, we have to look presentable in front of our bosses and clients. Instead of changing out of your PJs into your suits—which is crazy tedious to iron—let Akihiko Kimura, Japanese designer, help you with his latest ingenious invention—the Work From Home Jammies.

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With these jammies, you can strut around home comfortably and at the same time appear presentable during your business video calls. From shoulder to chest, the top is a collared button shirt. However, don’t be deceived—the button-up portion strategically cuts right above your stomach and the bottom half of the shirt is a cosy sweater.

Credit – whatever inc.

Strategically position yourself in front of the camera and nobody can tell that your shirt prepares you for bedtime the minute after the meeting ends. With such multi-purpose design comes certain restrictions, such as not being able to raise your elbows as the shirt material ends above your elbow. To avoid awkward situations, ensure that you’re poised with your arms by your side at all times.

The unisex jammies are available in three colour combinations: White Shirt x Grey Jersey, Pink Shirt x Black Jersey, and Blue Stripe Shirt x Dark Grey Jersey.

Credit – whatever inc.

You can purchase them through Kickstarter at 9,000 yen (approx. S$119.70). Alternatively, you can contribute to this creative innovation for whatever amount if you can bear to part with S$119.70. Did working for home just became a lot more attractive? I think the answer is yes!

Price: 9,000 yen (approx. S$119.70)

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