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Escape Your Boring Zoom Meetings By Recreating This Invention

Have you ever been stuck in a Zoom meeting while bored beyond your wildest imagination? Well, if you want to sneakily leave the chat without getting caught or hurting anybody’s feelings, then Marina Fujiwara has the invention that will resonate perfectly with you.

In the video, she pauses for a moment before activating her invention. She stays still to stimulate how the video would be if she was lagging and presses a button labelled ’emergency escape’. Pressing the button results in a physical ‘loading sign’ popping up so that it’ll look as if her video is lagging for the people she’s on the call with.

Marina then proceeds to keep her facial expressions steady and moves her hand sneakily to end the call.

Credit – Marina Fujiwara

If you’re meaning to get out of a dreadful video conference too, why not try to recreate this invention. Since you’re spending a lot of time at home, it’s a good opportunity to let your creative juices run and reactivate the gears in your brain. Get a good laugh out of the situation and hide from all the calls you want to run away from without an inch of suspicion.

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