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| On 9 months ago

No Background? No Problem — Wearable Cardboard Background Now Ships To Singapore

We have a month left of circuit breaker (unless it somehow gets extended) and I’m confident that part of our new normal now is video calls. May it be Skype, Google Meet or Zoom, I’m pretty sure you and your colleagues have been guilty of judging your fellow colleague’s backgrounds as your mind slowly drift off from your meeting. I would know, whenever I participate in a video call, three times out of five would the other people on the call comment on my very full dry shelf in the background.

Personally, I enjoy the comments. It’s nice to see my colleagues and friends make light of this very trying situation that is being stuck at home for extended periods of time. But I know that many would rather their home remain private, even if their background is a plain wall. Zoom has a very fun feature in which allows it’s users to upload their own images and use them as their background during Zoom calls, but like most tech, it has proved glitchy and does not work 100% of the time.

If you’re looking for a background that will never fail you—regardless of whatever video call platform you’re on—look no further for I have the answer to your very specific problem! Introducing the wearable video conference background, 100% effective and you need not worry about your background glitching out because you’re literally wearing it.

This genius invention is made by Twitter user @kenpon_g. The wearable background is made from cardboard and when not worn compromises of a rectangle shape body and has a harness protruding at one end of the body, allowing the user to wear the background securely.

While there are no instructions on how to DIY this background, I’m sure those bored or cardboard-savvy enough would be able to figure out how to make this on their own. If you’d rather not make a mess out of cardboard, you can buy this ingenious invention on Rakuten. Finally, a use for that old Pokka cardboard box.

Price: S$19.59
Buy here

kenpon_g | Twitter | Rakuten Shop

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