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Phase 1 of Singapore Safe Opening: 5 Safety Measures To Anticipate In CapitaLand Malls

Rejoice, we are less than a week from Phase 1 of our safe reopening.

Credit – CapitaLand

As our nation gears up for this first phase, CapitaLand—Singapore’s largest mall network—is rolling out innovative tech solutions to enhance the safety and well being of their shoppers, tenants, and employees. There are five enhanced safety measures we can look forward to.

1. Anti-microbial coating

Credit – CapitaLand

Along with increased frequency in cleaning schedules at high contact areas—like lifts, customer service counters, and toilets—the specific contact points are coated with anti-microbial disinfectant to enhance the cleanliness in the malls.

2. Disinfected floor mats

From June 2020 onwards, a disinfection solution is poured over the floor mats to allow shoppers’ soles to be cleaned while walking on it. After which, shoppers can dry their soles by stepping onto a runner mat. These floor mats are changed out and cleaned twice daily.

3. UV disinfection robots

To complement daily disinfection routines by cleaning crew at high shopper traffic areas, autonomous UV disinfection robots are deployed to conduct daily disinfection at high shopper traffic floors after mall operating hours. These robots are introduced progressively—first at Tampines Mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza, then at other CapitaLand malls.

4. PhotoPlasma technology

Credit – CapitaLand

Along with the general cleaning procedures and anti-microbial coating in lifts, all lift cars in CapitaLand malls are installed with PhotoPlasma air disinfection system. This technology energises atmospheric air into a plasma state, which helps to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Thus, creating a cleaner environment to improve the public’s safety in the malls.

5. Automatic escalator handrail disinfection & contactless lift activation

An Ultra UV device is installed in the escalator system to disinfect escalator handrails while in use and at the same time, prevent exposure of UV light to the users.

Lifts are fitted with a QR code registration device, allowing tenants and shoppers to scan a QR code and activate the lifts without pressing the lift buttons. The Atrium@Orchard will be the first Singapore mall to trial the automated escalator handrail disinfection and contactless lift activation system.

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