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CB Wellness: HeyGiene — The Anti-Touch Tool You Need This COVID-19 Season

Welcome to the new age that is COVID-19, where we now know that that this novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces and that some humans have decided to go through extreme measures to avoid touching surfaces. Some measures include largely inconsiderate ones such as pressing the lift buttons with one’s shoe. Other more considerate ways include fashioning a lighter with a metal pointer and immediately killing the germs on the pointer with a flick of the lighter.

While innovative, the only issue I have with the lighter is that it might not be safe for children, if they too, were wary about touching public surfaces with their bare hands. So here’s a solution for all, introducing, HeyGiene, a brand that specialises in Anti-Touch tools!

The HeyGiene Anti-Touch Tool goes for USD$15 (~S$21.30) and can be used in a multitude of ways. The pointer can be used to press buttons and the body of the tool opens up like a clamp, allowing you to open doors handles with the device. The best part is that you don’t have to constantly fret over the germs that might accumulate on the tool as there is a sponge area that can hold any disinfectant of your choice. This allows the tool to be disinfected after every use.

Of course, for my germaphobe friends out there, if you still worry about the germs that are not killed by the disinfectant, the device can easily be cleaned more thoroughly with soap. If you’re one who has to leave the house often during this time, I would recommend this tool as its pointer is made out of plastic and would not scratch surfaces as opposed to say, a key.

What other creative ways have you come across that helps in the minimisation of coming into contact with commonly touched surfaces?

Price: USD$15(~S$21.30)
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