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Extended CB Wellness: Facebook’s New Emojis Offer New Way to Show Care in the Time of COVID-19

You know that COVID-19 is going to leave a lasting impact on the world when Facebook decides to show solidarity by having new emojis added to their current rotation. Yes, you read right, the social media giant that reminds you when it’s your friend’s birthday or lets you know when Aunt Sophia shares another meme that she probably does not understand has announced to the word that they will launch new emojis for your reaction needs this week.

The ‘care’ emoji, consists of the typical yellow emoji that we’re familiar with, but this time, our yellow friend is hugging a heart, with a mildly empathetic smile. In addition to the ‘care’ emoji, the Messenger app is also welcoming a new ‘heart’ emoji as well. The heart is of a multi-hued bluish-red colour and is drawn to mimic a beating heart.

Facebook first introduced its reactionary emoticons in 2105 as the social network felt that the dislike button brought too much negative energy to its site. It has also been reported that the emojis were made to encourage interactions of posts, should a user feel discouraged to comment but still would like to react to the post.

I think it’s pretty mind-blowing that this global pandemic has birthed not only one but two new emojis to Facebook’s current emoji family. When do you think is the next time Facebook will have another addition to their rotation? Will it take another pandemic?

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