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#HealthcareHeroes: “We are here for you.” — Dr. Muntasir, from Sengkang Hospital assures Migrant Workers

Not all heroes wear capes; and in the case of COVID-19, our healthcare heroes—the frontline warriors—can’t be credited any less.

As we’re busy working from home, avoiding the streets, and prayerfully waiting for the numbers to decrease each day, a group of healthcare workers went beyond their medical responsibility to meet the emotional needs of the foreign workers.

Credit – Sengkang General Hospital

Doctor Muntasir Mannan Choudhury of Sengkang General Hospital, together with his team, visited an affected dormitory and addressed the Bangladeshi foreign workers. He spoke their language, was culturally sensitive, and expressed his encouragement during this trying time.

The video is about 2 minutes long, with a translation of his sincere message in English, on the Facebook wall of Sengkang General Hospital.

In the video, Dr.Muntasir holds a loud hailer and walks along the ground floor of the infected dormitory corridor. He starts by introducing himself and assures the workers repeatedly that they are taken care of to alleviate their fears. After this, he listed five hygiene precautionary measures for the workers to abide to curb the spread of the virus.

Credit – Sengkang General Hospital

As much as COVID-19 has reaffirmed interesting traits of Singaporeans, it has also shown us how Singaporeans are courageous to stand up in times of challenges. For the healthcare heroes who are fighting behind the scenes, you are our true cape-less heroes. #SGUnited

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