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15 Nike S’pore Yoga Outfits for You to Reclaim Your Om From Home

Today, fitness wear is no longer designed only for functionality. In fact, style is given equal weightage in the presentation of fitness wear as athleisure. As a consumer, I feel dignified wearing them on the streets. After all, we all want to look good and feel great when we are working out.

A popular sport that surrounds the trending fitness culture is Yoga. Despite its long-standing history of over 5,000 years and its roots deeply planted in sacred soil, this does not prevent the discipline from being raved globally. With the increasing attractiveness of the exercise, its complementing outfits are trending on the fashion racks to0.

More than sweating in style, isn’t it remarkable that we can get all sweaty like Goddesses of Victory with the help from Nike?

1. Nike Sculpt – Women’s 7/8 Training Tights

Credit – Nike

As an average-sized Asian, I fancy the 7/8 training tights over full-length tights as it cuts off nicely above my ankle and makes my leg look more elongated.

Nike tights are highly recommended for Yoga routines as they are highly stretchable. With superb elasticity, you can get into your warrior positions without excessive fabric getting in the way. It’s also like a second skin that provides you freedom in each movement and supports your every pose.

Buy here: S$109

2. Nike Swoosh Luxe – Women’s Medium-Support Sports Bra

Nike Swoosh Luxe is a medium-support sports bra, which is suitable for medium to low impact sports like yoga workouts. High impact sports bras are less catered to yoga practices as they have a higher degree of compression and are better catered for sports with explosive movements.

Credit – Nike

I like how the bra is slightly cropped—with a longer length—so it can hide some abdominal fats that I am too embarrassed to display. Also, the Nike Dri-FIT technology pushes sweat away from the body to the fabric, where the moisture is then rapidly evaporated, keeping you dry, fresh, and comfortable, particularly during the intense hot yoga sessions.

Buy here: S$89

3. Nike Yoga Luxe – Women’s Infinalon Jumpsuit

Credit – Nike

This is an interesting yoga workout attire, but I can understand why it is perfect for yogis. During downward dog and inversions, we fluster to tug our shirt into our pants to prevent unintended embarrassing flip-ups but fret not. The genius application of jumpsuit-style ensures our fashion and functionality stays in place.

This one-piece suit is manufactured from Nike’s latest performance innovative fabric—Nike Infinalon, which is soft, smooth, and stretchy. It promises “movement without restriction”, a perfect complement to what all yogis crave—a zen spirit.

Buy here: S$89

4. Nike Yoga –Women’s Ribbed Shorts

Whether you are practising yoga in the comfort of your homes or in the beloved yoga studios (when the COVID wave is over!), shorts are always a good idea for the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Credit – Nike

Utilising the sweat-wicking technology on the soft ribbed fabric, Nike is at its top of the game for comfort. The relaxed fit has two side pockets and comes in two pastel palettes—coral and grey—that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Buy here: S$45

5. Nike Icon Clash – Women’s Seamless Light-Support Sports Bra

I was drawn to this garment due to the vibrant array of colours. Its cropped cut makes it look like a half tank and pairing it with its matching tights gives you a street-chic style.

Credit – Nike

Similar to the Nike Swoosh Luxe Sports Bra, the Dri-FIT technology removes sweat from your skin, keeping you dry, comfortable, and focused for your practice of mindfulness.
Buy here: S$89

6. Women’s Cropped Hoodie

We all agree that we can do yoga with style. Made with soft and lightweight fabric, embrace the chilly breeze from the air conditioner as you manoeuvre through various poses of mindful flow.

Credit – Nike

The Nike Women’s cropped hoodie cascades perfectly to the top of your hips. Yogis, don’t be shy to boast a little of your nicely sculpted core!

Buy here: S$89

7. Nike Yoga – Women’s 7/8 Training Tights

My gym buddy once commented, “I look better in my tights than when I am not wearing them”. You can trust Nike outfits for that extra boost of confidence.

Credit – Nike

These high waisted tights give you a shape-flattering silhouette specifically during crunching movements, like the boat pose, where I consciously take the effort to suck in my belly for fear of showing those fatty creases at my waist.

There’s also a little ribbon and a key-hole design adorned at the bottom of the leg to spice up that yoga look with elegance.

Buy here: S$79

8. Women’s Training Tank

Designed with a split hem at the back, the tank gives all yogis mobility and additional coverage during moves that require a broader range of movement, for example, deep stretches.

You can wear it in two ways, in its original long-form or make it a cropped top by tying it into a ribbon knot at the back.

Credit – Nike

Buy here: S$49

9. Nike Yoga – Women’s Long Sleeve Top

Similar to the training tank, you can wear this long sleeve top in two ways. You can wear it like a parka where the cloths unevenly drape over your shoulders—shorter at the front and longer at the back. Alternatively, you can stretch the excess fabric on one end across your shoulder to create a full-length long sleeve slight turtleneck sweater.

Credit – Nike

Lastly, thumbholes are fitted at the cuffs to ensure your top doesn’t get in your way during the downward dog routine.

Buy here: S$89

10. Nike Yoga Luxe – Women’s Tank

The Yoga Luxe tank embraces a carefree fit made for layering over your sports bra during or after your workout. This tank is also embedded with Nike sweat-wicking technology to combat the hot, humid weather, and provide all-day comfort in our hustling.

Credit – Nike

I can easily think of 10 other occasions where this versatile top can be worn with—from your yoga leggings, running short, to even your jeans. It currently comes in two colours—black and dark red. Not a want but a definitely a wardrobe need for ladies.

Buy here: S$55

11. Nike Dri-FIT – Men’s Yoga Training Trousers

Real men do yoga too! Check out this full-length man’s training yoga trousers, which is crafted from soft jersey fabric to give wearers an added comfort. The cut is extremely flattering as well—flat-elastic drawcord at the waist and tapering cut at the legs.

Credit – Nike

Furthermore, the relaxed, easy fit gives you room to move in an unobstructed fashion through your creative yoga poses—from the gravity-defying inversions to the malleable backbends—free from distractions.

Buy here: S$99

12. Nike Flex – Men’s Yoga Training Shorts

If you do not fancy trousers, Nike designs yoga training shorts which are yoga-friendly, too. Available in three colours, the material is lightweight and stretchy.

Credit – Nike

Apart from being yoga-ready, these shorts look like a casual berm that is ready to hit the cafes and anywhere beyond your gym and home! The highlight of these shorts is its simple, but essential functionality—it comes with a front zipper pocket to secure your valuables.

Buy here: S$75

13. Nike Dri-FIT – Men’s Full-Zip Yoga Training Hoodie

Credit – Nike

Hoodies will never go out of style. It is a great addition to complete your yoga outfit, and are excellent for the mornings, on a cool day, or any air-conditioned confined rooms. It brings back the varsity style yet provides functionality and comfort at the same time.

Buy here: S$109

14. Nike Yoga – Men’s Tank

The Yoga top comes in sleeveless style too. Spun from the same yarn except with wider armholes, it gives wearers better ventilation. Also, a longer back hem keeps your loin well covered especially during those forward folds and tension-relieving stretches.

Credit – Nike

Buy here: S$59

15. Nike Yoga – Men’s Short Sleeve Top

Don’t be fooled by its basic appearance. Similar to most of Nike’s gym apparel, it is crafted with sweat-wicking fabric, which helps to ventilate heat away from the body.

Taking a closer look at the front design, you can find intricate vertical stitching at the centre; this helps yogis with their alignment during the poses.

Credit – Nike

It comes in four basic shades—black, grey, olive, and blue—and is a huge pity to confine these versatile tops within the walls of the studio or workout habit. Wear them like a basic top with your khaki pants and jeans—don’t deny yourself the comfort you truly deserve!

Buy here: S$59

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