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Nike Space Hippie Sneakers: Turning Trash To Treasure — Drops March & June 2020

Watching industry giants take steps to make their businesses more environmentally friendly and sustainable gives me hope. It shows that conglomerates are acknowledging the influence that they have over the consumer market and are taking responsibility for the products that they produce.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Nike has launched the Space Hippie Collection. Consisting of four existing shoe silhouettes, these shoes will be made from scrap material reclaimed from factory floors and “Space Waste Yarn”, a 100% recycled material comprising of scrap yarn, plastic water bottles and discarded t-shirts.

The inspiration behind the concept of this sustainable shoe line lies in the idea of how one would create a shoe if they were on Mars.

In addition to the moniker of this collection, the execution of the shoe’s production came from the assumption that limited materials would be readily available on Mars, thus making it pertinent to make full use of what one has on hand to create anything. Nike also understood that in order to create the lowest carbon producing shoe, no new materials should be created for these sneakers.

Nike Space Hippie

The Space Hippie 01, 02, 03, and, 04 come in three different colour schemes—powder blue, wolf grey, and, orange.  These shoes are the perfect amalgamation of Nike’s world-class design principles and sustainability—truly a perfect union of the technical and the organic.

Unfortunately, these revolutionary kicks seem to be dropping only within the Nike SNKRS app, Nike House of Innovation flagship locations, and select retailers. The Space Hippie 01, 02 and 03 will be dropping in Spring (March to June) while The women’s exclusive Space Hippe 04 releasing in Summer (June to September).

Date: Spring & Summer 2020 

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