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Circuit Breaker Things: Scheduled Workout From Home Series With Yoga Instructor @jyanyoga

Just like that, a week of Circuit Breakers have gone by, and you’re still in disbelief at how unfit you’ve gotten. That workout that you told yourself you’d complete ‘tomorrow’ never came to fruition, and it’s already been seven days of sitting at your desk, eating, and sleeping.

If you need some discipline in your life and need to be held at gunpoint before you’ll actually pull out that exercise mat, I’ve got just the thing for you (sans the gun). Some might recognise NomadX as that quirky store in Plaza Singapura selling knick knacks of all sorts, but few know that they extend beyond just retail. NomadX Connect is a series of activities organised by NomadX, hoping to bond like-minded individuals over a time of good fun.

Having previously worked with yoga instructor Jiamin (@jyanyoga) on multiple counts, NomadX has brought her back for a series of virtual workouts during this Circuit Breaker period. Jiamin is hosting two classes per month from April to June 2020, which you can sign up for for free via the link here.

The classes cover a series of adrenaline-pumping exercises such as HIIT, yoga, and stretching, that help you to tone, sculpt, and burn fat routinely. You may view the schedule of classes here, or you could just surprise yourself an hour before your workout time. Each class runs for 45 minutes⁠—not quite a torture-inducing length, yet long enough for you to feel the slow burn.

Time to kick off those sheets, roll out your yoga mat, and get some toning action. Don’t walk out of the Circuit Breakers without attending at least one class.

NomadX Connect | Sign Up Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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