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Singapore Is Producing 300 Cleaning Robots By March 2020 – The End Of Human Cleaners?

Singaporean company LionsBot has launched its production of 300 autonomous robots that will help keep our country squeaky clean. Besides cleaning, the interactive robots can sing and rap as well (not too sure why this was a required function).

They will even wink at people and make jokes if someone gets in the way of their cleaning duties – sounds similar to the tray clearing robots in food courts now.

Credit- LionsBot

LionsBot is the first company in the world to offer cleaning robots on a subscription model. The company has developed 13 different models of cleaning robots that can sweep, scrub, vacuum, mop and shine. These robots are also able to transport cleaning equipment for both the indoors and outdoors.

Credit- LionsBot

With a width size of 63cm, the LeoBots series features the most agile and quick cleaning robots in the world. These LeoBots are able to navigate through tight spaces and doorways. One reason these robots were created was due to the labour shortage in the cleaning industry.

Credit- LionsBot

“LionsBot cleaning robots are built on the challenges that cleaners face.” added Dylan Ng. Click here to check out the range of LionsBot cleaning robots. These robots can operate simultaneously as a team, without the need for human programming. On top of that, these robots use about 70% less water compared to present cleaning solutions, which is amazing.

Overall, this project sounds insanely cool and I honestly can’t wait to see these cleaning robots going about their cleaning duties. We have one more thing to look forward to in 2020.

Will Singaporean cleaners still have jobs? Judging from how there’s a labour shortage in the cleaning industry anyway, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let robots do the dirty work.

LionsBot: Website | Tel: 65954565

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