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10 Colourful Urban Spots In Singapore For Vibrant Insta-Worthy Photos

Singapore might not have as much nature compared to other countries, but our urban architecture has trended on social media worldwide.

Apart from the popular tourist attractions to beautify your Instagram, there are several hidden areas that feature bright colours perfect for photos. These streets with architectural rainbow backdrops contain elements of our culture and heritage you don’t want to miss.

I went out in search of these gems and present to you 10 colourful yet underrated spots in Singapore to light up your pictures. Do note for best effect, bumping the saturation of your photos will make the colours pop more!

1. Rainbow Wall At Geylang

This rainbow wall is an unexpected find along Geylang and makes a great backdrop for you to play with the colours.

Located behind a private apartment, you do not have to worry about being judged by passersby while taking your OOTD shot here. Do visit this area during the day when there is sufficient sunlight so that the colours will stand out even more.

Address: 8 Lorong 40 Geylang, Singapore 398054

2. Koon Seng Peranakan Houses

Along Koon Seng Road, two rows of vibrant looking Peranakan-detailed shophouses will most-likely catch your eye. These restored houses have been around since colonial times and are still very well-maintained. One side showcases pastel-coloured shophouses while on the other side, bolder colours contrast the traditional terrace facade.

This is probably one of the most iconic and photographic streets seen in Singapore adorned with different hues of colours.

Do be careful when you take your shots here as the roads tend to be relatively busy during lunch hours. And yes, speaking of lunch, there is plenty of food in close proximity along East Coast Road for you to indulge in.

Address: 287 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427540

3. Former House of Tan Teng Niah

What lies behind the bustling street of Little India is the colourful facade of the House of Tan Teng Niah. This brightly coloured house was built in 1900 by businessman, Tan Teng Niah, for his wife. Since then, this architecture has been restored and conserved in the 1980s for commercial use – with fresh coats of paint preserve the rich history of this architecture.

Awarded the Singapore Institute of Architects Honourable Mention, admire the bright shutters and carvings on the window panes as well as get beautiful selfies here.

Address: 37 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219168

4. Alleys of Little India

The alleys of Little India are certainly underrated when it comes to alluring modern graffiti in the streets of Serangoon. With art murals on multiple walls and buildings, they provide you with a modern expression of Little India, as well as providing you with great captures for your Instagram feed.

Take in the rich culture that Little India has to offer with the authentic taste of Indian cuisine nearby too.

Addresses: 212 Serangoon Rd, Baboo Ln, Singapore 218074 ; 37 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219168

5. StorHub @ Toa Payoh

This storage facility is probably one of the more unknown photo zones in Singapore. With its striking yellow and blue walls and a nice view of the cityscape in Singapore, StorHub Toa Payoh is one location you need to list.

Just take the main lift up to the eighth floor and access the building’s open roof.

Away from the busy city and street, StorHub’s roof offers you the peace needed for a photoshoot. This place is indeed a creative space for you to work with.

Address: 743 Lor 5 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319457

6. Street Art At Subhan Street

A stone’s throw away from the famed hipster enclave, Haji Lane, lies Subhan Street. Impressive street art adorns this quiet alley. I find the details in the artwork more intricate than that of Haji Lane with the similar vibrancy of the colours.

Subhan Street’s art is a lot more isolated than Haji Lane as you’ll have to explore the nooks and crannies of the street to find these trippy works.

Address: Subhan Street, Singapore 199442

7. Old Hill Street Police Station

A historical landmark that was built Neo-classical style, Old Hill Street Police Station (formerly  MICA building) is considered to be one of the finest buildings in Singapore during the time of its construction. With gradient rainbow hue windowpanes stretching across the massive architecture, one can’t help appreciate the building’s beauty.

Distinct from the base white tone, these rainbow coloured windows make one of the best backdrops for you to showcase on Instagram.

Address: 140 Hill St, Singapore 179369

8. Clarke Quay

An unexpected place for colours? Probably. The vibrant colours present here are often overlooked as Clark Quay normally comes alive when dusk falls.

Visiting during a quiet weekday left me amazed by the rich colours the buildings here are draped in.

The colourful photo-worthy shopfronts make Clarke Quay worth a visit other than for the nightlife entertainment.

Address: River Valley Rd, Block E, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024

9. Redhill MRT Station

If you are a frequent traveller on the East-West Line, I am pretty sure you have come across the pastel pink walls that fill Redhill MRT Station.

Who would have thought Singapore’s public transportation station could have such aesthetics? Certainly an underrated place for shots. Well, the next time you figure you’re running early, you can alight and have a few shots at this Redhill station.

Address: 920 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158792

10. Shops Along Arab Street

As unconventional as it seems, the numerous shops along Arab Street are a good fit for your Instagram. These Arab-inspired shops caught my eye with the vivid colours present inside.

Lining up the entire street, multiple stores showcase goods from the Middle East such as Persian carpets that provide an exotic pop of colours.

It might be a challenging photographic frame to angle, but since Arab Street is sort of a hipster enclave, why not try something different here?

Address: 78 Arab St, Singapore 199775

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