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Tapioca Land Has Landed – New Bubble Tea Theme Park In Tokyo

Bubble tea has been on trend for what seems like a decade now and people still love it. I myself am a major bubble tea fan (peep my bio) and I can’t understand why some people aren’t.

Credit – Twitter / @tapioca_land

Tokyo is about to open Tokyo Tapioca Land – a bubble tea amusement park. As the theme is “Tapioca Dream Land”, this amusement park is surely going to include anything and everything bubble tea-related.

Tokyo Tapioca Land will be located in front of Harajuku station from 13 August to 16 September 2019. Guests can look forward to bubble tea rides (basically a giant bubble tea ball pit), photo booths and stands.

A total of 1000 pre-sale tickets will be made available, at 1000 yen (approx S$12.60) each. Tickets sold at the amusement park entrance will cost 1200 yen (approx. S$15.10) each. The park will be easily accessible as it is is just a two-minute walk from Harajuku station.

There’ll be a collection of famous Tokyo bubble tea stores as well as numerous photo booths. The theme park has recently opened as you can see from all the social media pictures available.

There have been some weird creations, like bubble tea hotpot, bubble tea pizza and even brown sugar pearls on crab. A bubble tea amusement park, however, sounds more fun and inviting.  I’m pretty bummed that we don’t have such amusement parks like this in Singapore. It’s such a fun and cute concept so who knows how long I’d stay.

Opening hours:

August: 10am- 7pm
September: 1pm- 7 pm (weekdays), 10am- 7 pm (weekends) 

Tokyo Tapioca Land: Website | Facebook

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