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Extended CB Wellness: Lose All That CB Weight With These 10 Free Instagram Workout Accounts

As a frequent gym-goer, never did it cross my mind that one day, I would use the limited space in my room as my gym spot, and the gym instructor who I look forward to seeing will be giving me cues through my tablet or smartphone.

When life gives you a lemon, you either choose to starve or make fresh lemonade with it. That is precisely what gyms are doing these days—conducting virtual classes—to reach their clients while providing a good sweat. However, what makes some of these gyms or sporting communities even more remarkable is that despite being in the midst of trying times themselves—drop of income and high fixed costs—they are still generously offering free classes on their social media channels. So now, they double up as gym instructors and videographers, generating fitness content for everyone.

While we train hard to get stronger and fitter during the long months of the circuit breaker, let’s appreciate the hard work put behind planning the routines and putting them into engaging material. And also, do remember to support them when their studio reopens.

1. @BoOmSingapore

BoOm Singapore, a functional gym studio, adapts its two main classes BoomBox and BoomCamp into home-friendly workouts.

Boom Singapore started its #BOOMFROMHOME workouts before the circuit breaker was put in place and transformed their signature classes—BoomBox and BoOmcamp—into feasible home workouts.

Credit – boOm

Browse their library of exercises that are shared through the regular post, live video, or IGTV. Some activities are incredibly innovative, where trainers suggest using home tools like stool, towel, or even a toilet roll!

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2. @BoxOfficeFitness

Box Office—a boxing-inspired group fitness class—is generous in sharing their workouts too. They’ve planned a month’s worth of free online exercises—which are the right mix of strength, cardio, and recovery. You can get your quick workout fix within 30 minutes.


To further incentivize everyone to embark on this fitness journey, Box Office is hosting a Circuit Breaker challenge. Do a pre and post-workout shot, and they will select their lucky winner, who will walk away with a 20-class pack.

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3. @GroundZeroSG

Popular with their music-driven indoor cycling and boxing workouts, Ground Zero has brought their latest workout addition, known as Resistance, into their IGTV for sharing.


Every Resistance workout follows a straightforward format—nine exercises in each round, with  three rounds in total. For anyone new to circuit-based activities, this IGTV is a good starting point. Use the first round to get familiar with the nine exercises, and slowly ease into the intensity of the routine in the subsequent rounds.

New classes are released at noon with a different focus on muscle groups every day. So, for seasoned gym-goers who know exactly which body parts they want to work on, feel free to dive immediately into your desired workout.

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4. @Lululemonsg

Lululemon, a sports fashion brand, has rallied its brand ambassadors to craft a unique series of workouts called “work from home” for their Instagram followers. These workouts are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find their Livestream class schedule on their Instagram page.

Credit – lululemon singapore

Due to the diverse interests of these ambassadors, you can expect a plethora of exercises ranging from yoga practices, HIIT workouts, to intense boxing and relaxing stretches. Besides these allocated sessions, they have archived some short workouts on their IGTV that you can view and do at your convenience. They are quick, and all you need is a mat to book in.

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5. @Y7Studio

Y7 Studio is a yoga studio based in the United States, and its studios can be found in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Though COVID-19 forbids us to travel anywhere beyond our home, Y7 brings your zen yoga practice to the safety of your house. The session is accompanied by background music and clear instructions from the yogis.

Credit – Y7 Studio

Schedules for their live yoga flows are released weekly, so follow them on their Instagram for more updates. Just remember to adjust to the right time zone! Otherwise, go to their IGTV tab where they have various vinyasa yoga routines that you can do at your own time.

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6. @AsicsSG

Asics, too, have joined in the party. Since beginning April 2020, they have started a #MoveFromHome series where professional runners have come forward to introduce a series of running drills, core, and cardio exercises which enhance your running technique and performances.

Credit – ASICS Singapore

That might be their secret mantra to be a victory on the road. Time for us, budding runners, to shine!

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SHAKTIBARRE is a yoga-barre studio in the United States, which aims to build a community and space to empower the feminine in everyone through the movement.


Likewise, the studio has shared its barre-inspired workouts on their IGTV tab. You can find quick routines for arms, legs, and glutes. I must say the instructors are very creative with their workout filming background such as the poppy field and Kauai. Hopefully, this can take some distraction off that barre burn.

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8. @Barrys

I have always heard good things about their workout and was eager to try them. Unfortunately, they are too pricey for my shallow wallets.

To my pleasant surprise, the gym started “Barry’s At-Home” and has been posting free workouts daily on their IGTV since March 2020! As of the time of my writing, there are already 85 workouts for anyone to conquer.

Credit – Barry’s

Barry’s workout is a 50-minutes boot camp training conducted in their legendary red room. The signature workout is split equally between treadmill running and floor strength training. The IGTV workouts retain the intensity of their workout but modified for home so they are shorter—below 30 minutes, and do not require fancy weights or treadmill. Expect lots of body weight and sometimes, a resistance band.

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9. @TheRing_SG

The Ring Boxing Community is a modern boxing gym in Singapore. Like most fight gyms, they do sparring, technique drills, and fitness training.

Credit – The Ring Boxing Community SG

They have two workout videos, which closely shadow their actual classes, “Boxing Home Workout” and “The Ring’s Boxing Theory”.

Boxing Home Workout is a mix of boxing drills and static workouts—for example, heel taps, jumping jacks, and pushups. Whereas, the Boxing Theory videos, as its name suggests, are more technical. The class encompasses boxing footwork, perfecting your punches, exploring counter-punches, and its variations.

This is perfect for the aspiring Muhammad Ali-s.

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10. @GetActiveTV

Although @GetActiveTV does not upload their full workout video on Instagram, this channel is too good to miss. Get Active TV—spearheaded by Active SG—is the official media channel for all Singaporeans to focus on fitness, health, and wellness.

Credit – myActiveSG

You can find the ‘Get Active TV Programme List’ on the ActiveSG site and their Facebook page. Most importantly, qualified trainers, from different gyms and interests, are invited daily from Mondays to Fridays to teach you a variety of workouts—yoga, pilates, boxing, and strength exercises. Get notified from their Instagram page and proceed to their Facebook for the full workout video if it piques your interest.

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