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I Am A CCB: The Witty Brainchild of Tribal Worldwide Singapore in a Time of COVID-19

Following the announcement of the Extended Circuit Breaker period yesterday, our local CCB is quickly evolving into a KNNBCCB. Now get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not what you think. These acronyms don’t stand for the vile, uncouth, cuss phrases that might’ve come to mind, no. Instead, let me educate you. In this realm, at least, CCB stands for Community Circuit Breaker, and KNNBCCB is short for Keep Nation Nimble But Continue Circuit Breaker. Still confused? I’ll explain.

Credit – Screen grab of I AM A CCB website

Ever since the early days of Singapore’s first phase of Circuit Breakers, the I AM A CCB website was birthed, in just two days, by ⁠the team at Tribal Worldwide Singapore⁠—an agency that dabbles in data science, business consulting, and creatives—in hopes of creating a shared online community for Singaporeans. Through this interactive webpage, users can connect with one another through a myriad of ways—online polls, news sharing, and paying it forward, to name a few.

Credit – Screen grab of I AM A CCB website

If you’re sick of having to download a thousand different apps just to keep your life together during this stay home period, I AM A CCB is the perfect one-stop shop for everything that you will need this period. The webpage covers everything you could possibly think of—online shopping, entertainment, food deliveries, workouts, and more.

Credit – Screen grab of I AM A CCB website

Some unique features of the page include an R21 segment, which interestingly conducts a brief poll about the sex lives of Singaporeans before and during COVID-19—which certainly gives us much information to swallow. The “Bao Toh Other People” section, which translates to whistleblowing, is amusing as well, seeing how pointing fingers is often frowned upon in a largely collectivistic society like ours. But in this case, calling someone out for their socially irresponsible behaviour might do us all a favour.

Credit – Screen grab of I AM A CCB website

So the moral of the story is, just be a model CCB, and stay at home during this KNNBCCB period unless absolutely necessary. We’ve come so far, we’ve done it before, and we can surely do it again.

If you’re a fan of playful websites like this, be sure to check out the Can I Go? page, which answers all your questions about the locations you can and cannot visit during this Extended CB period.

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