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Circuit Breaker Things: 30 Minutes of Barre Is All You Need To Keep Fit Indoors

After my editor killed you with the high-intensity workout yesterday, I figured out why not spice up that workout routine with Barre.

Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class, which combines ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training. I was first exposed to barre in 2018 and have been a fervent supporter since then. I love how it promises a good sweat and the by-product—long lean muscles, even Ryan Gosling swears by it!

Led by Marnie Alton, the barre workout we chose is 30 minutes long and requires no equipment—ideal for a home exercise during your lunch break. It comprises of six main sections; a short warm-up, followed by arms and legs section which involves a lot of coordination, then a cardio series with an abs finisher, and lastly, a nice warm stretch to cool down.

As a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, I love the cardio section where the instructor mixed a series of explosive movements—like jumping jacks, butt kickers, and in-and-out squats jumps—with active recovery actions. It is fun with the multiple switches of exercises while effectively raising the heart rate.

Unlike a usual strength fitness class, you will hear the instructor using some pilates and ballet terminologies like “pulses”, “passé”, and “arabesque”. Pulses are isometric movements to engage specific muscles and work them to fatigue, they are effective for toning purposes. Passé is a position where one toe is placed on the another knee, the bent leg is in the shape of a triangle; while arabesque is a posture where one leg is extended behind while the arms are outstretched.

The workout is easy to follow and highly rhythmic, so it creates some enjoyment while breaking into a healthy glow of sweat. Through the video, there are lower impact modifications performed by the lady on the left. So, there are no excuses to stop the video midway, I know the temptation is strong!

It’s amazing how Marnie leads the workout cheerfully while giving cues so effortlessly. I am definitely going to check out her other videos after this. Enroute to getting those six-packs!

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