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Circuit Breaker Things: 40 Minutes Fat Burning Exercise You Can Do From the Safety of Home

By Zat

I think I’m ready to let the world know that my knees are damaged due to ACL tearing. Unlike my more fortunate, knees-intact friends, every cardio exercise I do is not just a simple matter of strapping on a pair of shoes and running face-first into the wind. There’s preparation, warm-up, consideration of intensity, and putting on my trusty knee brace to hold my knees together.

With the current circuit-breaker stay-at-home measures currently implemented, it means that I am robbed of my favourite elliptical machine and free weights to keep this weight in check. A quick search on YouTube leads me to this channel where men stand around shirtless, almost mocking you for not looking as, you know, toned and tight.

The group behind this brilliant stay home workout routine is All Blanc Fit from Korea, more popularly known for their intense HIIT workout that takes you all of 5 minutes before you start praying for death to come.  If you have functioning knees, I highly recommend it.

The entire 40 mins workout is essentially one 12 minutes set repeated three times, for three times the torture and three times the fun. You’ll find a combination of upper body movements mixed with lower body movements such as the Cross Knee Touch, Reverse Fly, and the one set that makes me curse and swear, the Dead Bug.

With 1.15 million subscribers, you know their work is legit. And after 40 minutes of huffing and puffing, I have all the sweat puddles on the floor to prove that this workout is not for the faint of heart.

My body ached for two days after this, and this was without weights or equipment. Just you, your body, and lots of prayers.

They have an array of other workouts available on their channel if you’re short on time or if you only have 20 minutes to spare before your next conference call. Give it a whirl and don’t let this Circuit Breaker stop from you keeping that heart rate up and and body fat percentage down.

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