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Circuit Breaker Things: From Boredom To Board Games — Stay In Touch With Tabletopia

It’s been six days since the beginning of the circuit breaker. Aside from working from home, I’ve spent hours on end on Houseparty playing Quick Draw! and mindless trivia with my friends.

As fun as it is, playing the same thing over and over again gets pretty boring—regardless of how entertaining the company is. So why not take a fun spin on things and revisit good-ole boardgames in this digitalized age.


Tabletopia is a platform that gives you access to over 800 games for you to play alone, or with friends. It has everything from classics such as Mahjong and Reversi to newer games such as Infiltrators and Wildcard.

They provide all the necessary information for each game such as the origins, the estimated amount of time it takes to complete the game, and the number of players that can play.


Most of the games on the site are free and easily accessible. However, you’ll need a premium membership to play more popular games or to allow more people to play along with you. It goes at a fairly affordable price of S$14.15 a month and offers access to a plethora of options and modes.

Don’t worry if you’re not willing to pay the price, there’s a free trial for one month after which, you can cancel at any time. So as any cheapskate Singaporean such as myself would do, just enjoy it for free and cancel before they charge you at the end of the month.


You can access Tabletopia through their online website, download the application for either IOS or Android or access it through Steam, a video game distribution service. Explore the myriads of options they have available and play to your heart’s desire.

For added fun, video chat your friends through Zoom or Houseparty while playing the game so you can best immerse yourself in each other’s company.

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