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Party Hard With Friends While On Lockdown With These Apps — Houseparty, Bunch, & More

Missing your friends while staying home? No worries, these 5 apps let you relive human interaction with your loved ones over video chat and fun games.

They offer you a unique experience of hanging out and just chilling while enjoying each others company without having to physically be present around one another. Let’s technological advancements and keep in touch in whatever way we can so we don’t lose our minds in this Circuit Breaker season.

1. Houseparty


You’ve probably heard of this app that met a resurgence in popularity after people were advised to stay at home. Houseparty is a simple ‘face-to-face’ form of social networking that allows you to play a bunch of games with up to eight friends in a single video call. The app doesn’t need you to provide much information and is easy to set up, appealing to an amass of users online.

Houseparty | Download for IOS | Download for Android

2. Squad


Squad enables you to easily screen share what’s on your phone during video calls. You can also link it to your Snapchat account so you don’t have to worry about having to fill up a bunch of information and adding new contacts. It supports up to six people in a single call and you can even play around with TikTok hashtags and your Snapchat bitmojis for some added fun.

Squad | Download for IOS | Download for Android

3. Bunch


Similar to Houseparty, Bunch enables you to play several games with your friends while hanging out on video chat. The difference is that it offers a larger variety of games for you to try out. With both in-app as well as access to third party games, your friends and you have a wider selection of activities to choose from so you’ll never be bored again.

Bunch | Download for IOS | Download for Android

4. Justalk


If you’re a social butterfly and need larger limits to the number of people you can video call at a time, then this is perfect for you. Unlike other video calling apps, Justalk allows for up to 50 people to join in a single call at the same time. All 50 of you can then participate in quizzes, games or just share doodles and stickers while on the call.

Justalk | Download for IOS | Download for Android

5. Airtime


This app is ideal if you love sharing videos and music with your friends. It enables users to co-listen and co-watch videos with one another within the call. You can pull in videos and music from external applications such as Youtube and Spotify and share them amongst one another. The app also supports up to six people so you can drag your friends in to watch cute cat videos together to lift your spirits in these saddening times.

Airtime | Download for IOS | Download for Android

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