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Matthew Leu

A Chinese New Year Survival Guide For Singles And The (Relatively) Young

Chinese New Year is upon us! And if you think the new year is going to usher in miracles, keep…

2 years ago

Bukit Brown Cemetery Tours: For The Inquisitive Culture Vultures And History Buffs

I'm not spiritual, or at least that's what I tell myself. If I ever forget, I'm sure friends and family…

2 years ago

15 Creative Activities You Can Do In Singapore To Feed Your Inner Artist

Picking up a paint brush or pencil isn't all there is to art. Defined as "creative activity", it includes anything…

2 years ago

We The People X SOOZIP Chinese New Year Pop Up Store At Somerset

If you haven't already heard of the brick-and-motar Kickstarter shop We The People Store at Somerset, check them out at their Chinese…

5 years ago

Calling All Artists And Designers In Singapore! Night Lights 2017 Wants You

Once a year, Night Lights the crowd favourite component of the Singapore Night Festival draws us to the arts and heritage district…

4 years ago

Are You Nuts? Come Join The ‘Craze Ultra 80km Ultramarathon Fun Run’ Entirely Free

Running Guild are the folks behind some of the most intense (and fun) running events in Singapore. They're the nutters…

4 years ago

The Teh Tarik Run 2017: Pull Tea, Not Your Hamstring

Forget the beer run, the Teh Tarik Run 2017 is upon us! Come 9 April 2017, down teh tarik (pulled tea) and put…

4 years ago

Mount Huashan: One Mountain Trail To Climb Before You Die, And Maybe Die Climbing

Mount Huashan — the most dangerous and terrifying trek in the world. This is one mountain trail not for the the faint-hearted. Comprising…

5 years ago

Bored? Here’s Where You Can Pick Up 10 Sports In Singapore

We've heard the incessant bemoaning of having nothing to do, read the angsty social media posts about Singapore having nothing…

2 years ago

8 Gyms To Learn MMA In Singapore – Breaking The Rules Of Fight Club

Tyler Durden made it clear that the first rule of fight club was not to talk about fight club. But, I'm…

2 years ago

Books Actually: This Vending Machine Lets You Go On A Blind Date With A Book

If picking out a book at a store could be compared to going on a date, then Books Actually's vending machine…

2 years ago

Survive Christmas With These 12 (Last Minute) Gift Ideas Under S$20

The festive season is upon us and Christmas demands everyone to participate in gift exchanges. The gift you give and…

2 years ago

Limited Edt: Tis’ The Season To Get Not One, But Two New Kicks At A Discount!

Limited Edt — curators and purveyors of some of the most sought after sneakers in town are spreading the Christmas cheer with…

5 years ago

Dr.stretch Singapore: Stretch Therapy For Sweet, Sweet Release

Desk bound warriors of corporate machines, it's time to get loose. Dr.stretch is for anyone who finds themselves sitting, or hunched…

2 years ago

What’s A Hand-Poked Tattoo? We Got Inked Just To Show You

The unmistakable buzz of tattoo machines fill the parlours that whose artists wield the tattoo guns that mark their clientele.…

2 years ago

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