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| On 4 years ago

Are You Nuts? Come Join The ‘Craze Ultra 80km Ultramarathon Fun Run’ Entirely Free

Running Guild are the folks behind some of the most intense (and fun) running events in Singapore. They’re the nutters behind the Craze Ultra 100 Miles (160.9km).
However, on 21 January 2017 prepare for an event that definitely deserves it’s name. Besides dubbing it the Craze Ultra 80km Fun Run, these running addicts have made the entire event free for everyone and anyone.
This is one Saturday run that you’d think twice about bringing your whole family along. Or would you? And what’s the catch you say?
No matter where your sense of humour and morals, or lack thereof lie, you’re expected to go prepared. Unlike other (not-so-free) ultramarathons and running events, hydration, food and first-aid aren’t going to be provided.
For the bargain hunters out there cussing “LIKE THAT ALSO CONSIDERED FREE EVENT!?” at their screens — a word of advice, stay home.
As for those that have had their interests piqued, what you can look forward to is a no frills running event that’s a great opportunity for anyone interested to get into ultra-running.
It’ll be a great opportunity to mingle with local veterans of the sport and other enthusiasts as you conquer your first ultramarathon or add a rather large notch to your fitness goals for the year.
Head to their Facebook page for more information.
Date & Time: 21 January 2017, 7am – 8pm

Craze Ultra 80km Fun Run: Start – Macritchie Reservoir, End- Bedok Reservoir | Meeting point: Macritchie Reservoir Amenities Centre outside Mushroom Cafe | Facebook

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