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Locomole App: Free Guided Tours To Beat Wanderlust Without Leaving Singapore

Staycations are a great way to slot in holiday trips without actually having to go overseas. And now you can add to that experience and be a tourist in your own city with Locomole – an app which features 19 unique trails to explore right here in Singapore!

Available on both Google Play and the App Store, Locomole is more than a guide to beautiful places. It also recommends activities and challenges for participants to try along the way.

Feel like connecting with Mother Earth? Try their Botanic Gardens guide.

Just want to stay near the shopping areas? They’ve got you covered too.

Not to mention the routes catered to specific interests, including photography, nature trails and more.

The number of places to explore in each trail ranges from nine to a whooping 36 attractions, so you can be sure there’s something to suit the relaxed walker and the traveller who’s just gotta see ’em all.

As admission and transport fees aren’t included, knowing which places to visit in advance is also useful in adjusting the day’s plan to your budget.

Each trail is estimated to take three hours, according to their listings, but an advantage of having an app as your guide is that you can take things at your own pace.

On top of enjoying yourself, you’ll be supporting various charities by taking part in these 12 specific trails.



Locomole and the experiences it provides are free for now, so download quickly!

Locomole: Website

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