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Mount Huashan: One Mountain Trail To Climb Before You Die, And Maybe Die Climbing

Mount Huashan — the most dangerous and terrifying trek in the world. This is one mountain trail not for the the faint-hearted.

Comprising of five peaks, the most notorious peak at 2155m above sea level is in the South known as Luoyan Feng (落雁峰) or Landing Wild Goose Peak. While there is a gondola service that brings people to the summit… why bother? Where’s the satisfaction in trekking if you’re not going to work for it.

The trek to Landing Wild Goose Peak seems precarious to say the least. With long stretches spent shimmying a sheer cliff face via a boardwalk of planks held together by crudely hammered nails somehow attached to the side of the cliff face.

It’s Chinese engineering at its finest, maybe not as brilliant as the Great Wall but hey, it ain’t stupid if it works.

Besides the boardwalk that offers a breathtaking view, there are ladders and near vertical stairways to overcome. With a rather high incidence of death at this mountain, Chinese authorities have attempted to control access to the mountain. Ironic since it was once a place for those seeking immortality.

Now adrenaline junkies, trekkers and tourists flock to Mount Huashan to conquer it, their fears, or to get some wicked pictures.

A short trip from Xi’an, everything from high speed trains to buses plough the route to and fro. And just like that I’ve another notch I’d like to add to my trekking wishlist.

The only question that remains is, do you dare?

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